Made it to Forrest City, Arkansas

Due to a variety of circumstances, we got away from Nashville much later than we’d have liked.  The process was complicated by one of that city’s infamous traffic jams.  I ended up getting off I-40, and circling around on surface streets until I hit Briley Parkway, a ring road running north of the city.  I took it around the top of Nashville and back down the other side to rejoin I-40 well past the traffic snarlup.  From there it was pretty straightforward, albeit a lot slower in the U-haul truck than I’d do in our car.

We’re overnighting in Forrest City, Arkansas, in a not very comfortable but pet-friendly hotel.  Our cat has decided to forgive us for kidnapping her, and is exploring the room with her ears and tail held high, sniffing at everything and trying to jump on every available surface.  As far as I’m concerned, that’s a good sign – she’s not cowering in fear, but actively checking out her new environment.  I like that in a cat.

Tomorrow morning we’ll hit the road for Texas once more.  It’ll take me at least ten hours, perhaps longer including stops, to get this overloaded truck and trailer to our destination, but that’s OK.  Friends are waiting for us, as is our new home.  By Sunday night we hope, God willing, to be sleeping in our new bedroom, in our old bed.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.



  1. Travel safe and enjoy! I'm vicariously enjoying your relocation trip to Texas, and would like to make a similar journey someday when I can escape the rat race.

  2. Very good on the cat, a good sign for arriving in the new home. I've been keeping you guys in prayer and will continue to do so. Safe travels!

  3. Good Luck with the drive,i used to love driving now i hate it my new car which i have had 1yr 4mths has only done 2500 miles since i got it
    i need to go out now to get some milk and bread but will most likely do so much later. Andrew

  4. Nashville is nearly always a booger to navigate.
    Intersection of three interstates and they all cut right through the middle of town.
    Perfect candidate for a beltway, but never gonna happen.

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