Maxwell Volume 5, ‘Stoke The Flames Higher’, is finished!

Today I had the enormous pleasure of writing the last words of my latest novel, ‘Stoke The Flames Higher’, fifth volume in the military SF Maxwell Saga.

I’m now going to begin several days of intense editing, to make sure I’ve got the continuity straight and ironed out as many errors as possible.  I’ll also be sending it to a few beta readers for feedback.  (DaddyBear, Rev. Paul, Uncle Lar – if you’re able to beta-read this one and provide rapid feedback, please send me an e-mail.  Thanks!)

Thank you all for your patience.  It’s great to be back in the writing groove after fifteen months of sometimes nasty health issues.  I’ll get this one out by early December, then it’s hi-ho for Volume 3 of the Laredo War trilogy, and Book 2 of the Ames Archives!



  1. Fantastic news! Something else to be thankful for.

    Meanwhile, there are some super famous, highly regarded writers that get regular deliveries of truckloads of money from three letter cable channels that could learn something from your work ethic…

  2. Best wishes to you and yours. Glad to hear there will soon be a new book to read. I just wanted to say that out of the thousand or so books on my kindle "Brings the Lightning" is my favorite. I enjoy the opening 4 chapters in particular. (yes I love the rest too, but I get a real kick out of how you start this story off! So thanks for writing such fine stories!

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