More about the NSA’s contempt for the Constitution

I’m sure many readers have heard about William Binney, who raised red flags about the National Security Agency‘s conduct and ineffectiveness soon after 9/11.  In a two-part video interview with Bill Still, he talks about the Snowden revelations and what the agency is doing.

Sobering stuff – and a call to action if ever I heard one!  Trouble is, our utterly ineffectual and/or bought-and-paid-for politicians won’t take action . . .


EDITED TO ADD: The remaining three parts of Mr. Binney’s interview may be found here.


  1. I saw this Friday morning last week:

    I laughed, but it kinda surprised me. I have friends who like to fly quadcopters, and they were flying them in a field close by the new NSA data center a couple of months ago when a large black SUV pulls up to them and a couple of agents threaten to shoot their 'drones' out of the sky. Note, they've been flying their 'copters and planes in that field for years, with the enthusiastic support of the field's owner.

    I guess the NSA is perfectly willing to bully a couple of hobbyists who were doing nothing illegal, but is still unwilling to risk the bad publicity a larger organization such as the EFF can bring to bear.

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