More on boycotting GE

Yesterday I mentioned that in the light of its anti-gun stance, I wouldn’t be buying any more GE products.  Today Karl Denninger weighed in on the subject.

GE Capital has the absolute right to choose not to do business with gun dealers and their customers.

We the people have the absolute right to not do business with GE Capital and by doing business with those who are funded by GE Capital or who offer credit through it you are choosing to do business with them.

Who’s on this list?  Oh my oh my.  Sporting goods companies, automotive parts and service centers, health care providers and more.

In essentially every case there are competitors who do not use or accept GE Capital Credit, and you can take 30 seconds before choosing to buy — and choose a firm NOT affiliated.

So folks, head on over to the conveniently public list of companies and co-branded offers the next time you need to buy something, especially something expensive.  As Santa Claus says “make your list and check it twice” — and make sure you tell the losing bidders why you’re picking their competition.

There’s more at the link.  It’s good stuff.  Go read.


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