My LibertyCon schedule is up

For those who’ll be attending LibertyCon in Chattanooga, TN over the last weekend in June, the schedule has just been announced.  It’s still subject to last-minute changes, but it looks as if I’ll be doing two sessions on Friday 6/27, three on Saturday 6/28 and one on Sunday 6/29.  I’ll be part of some very interesting panels – at least, I think they’ll be interesting!  YMMV, of course.

My schedule currently looks like this (if you need a larger image, click here to go to my author page for the convention):

I don’t mind admitting that I emitted a fanboi-like Squeeee! when I saw some of the names of other authors with whom I’ll be on panels.  I’ve read the books of authors such as David Drake, John Ringo, Jody Lynn Nye and Sarah Hoyt for years.  Now, not only will I get to meet many of them for the first time, but I’ll be sharing a stage with them!  That’s way over the top for this newbie author.  Squeeee! again!

If any of you will be attending LibertyCon this year, stop by and say ‘Hi’.  It’ll be great to meet you.



  1. I wish I could be there, so that I could ask you all about your interior decorating. Does it match your world-view? Is it science fiction-y? Arts & Crafts? Rustic? You think I'm kidding, but since that is what your eyes see all day long, I truly wonder in what image you created your world.

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