New perspectives on Trump’s e-mail server, Comey’s bombshell, and Weinergate

It turns out that the Russia-linked e-mail server isn’t part of Trump’s campaign at all.  Borepatch (who’s a computer security professional, BTW) notes:

This is a detailed breakdown of what is known about the server, and it puts an end to any (technically accurate) description of this as a “secret server”.  It’s a marketing server, for email promotions (i.e. Spam).  Now you may not like Spam, but that’s part of the Internet that we live with, and a normal business practice for, well, businesses (like Trump’s).

What is interesting is the way you have to do a Clintonian parsing of the allegations and the “confirmation by security experts” … I’m shocked – shocked! – to find the Clinton campaign and the Press (redundancy alert!) providing sneaky ‘we didn’t quite lie’ stories to smear an opponent.  Who’d have believed it from that group of people?

There’s more at the link.  Interesting reading for computer buffs.

One of Borepatch’s buddies, a lawyer who knows whereof he speaks, also has some very interesting insights into Comey’s letter to Congress last week.  For example:

So, in a fit of irony, Hillary now is crying for full disclosure.  She claims [she] wants Comey to publish the new emails.  Of course, the latest reports are that Clinton hack Loretta Lynch will not allow a warrant to issue as Comey requested, so he certainly cannot publish the emails.  In fact, I believe that is why Comey wrote to congress.  His people doing the Weiner investigation saw enough that it was obvious there was strong evidence that contravened the FBI’s prior conclusion in the Clinton email/sever investigation.  They brought it to Comey and he followed protocol by going to Justice to get a warrant to review everything on the laptop. And Lynch would not give it to him.  He was so appalled at the obvious contravention of the rule of law by Lynch for political ends that he did the only thing he could and wrote the letter to Congress in order to let some sunlight disinfect the rot.  The action follows a long line of instances where public servants went public instead of letting people in power block the truth from coming out.

And by the way, there is one way other than having Justice get a warrant to allow the emails to be published.  That would be if their owner, Huma Abedin, allowed it.  Instead of demanding that Comey release the information that Clinton lackey Lynch is blocking, why doesn’t Clinton ask her good buddy Huma to release them.  Heck, since they apparently had all kinds of confidential info on them so maybe publication isn’t a good idea, she could merely consent to the FBI’s review.  Then Lynch’s block of the warrant would be irrelevant.

Again, more at the link – and very interesting it is, too.

Finally, the inimitable Mark Steyn has his own unique perspective on what I suppose we’ll have to call Weinergate.

Happy Halloweiner, the night when Anthony Weiner’s undead penis rises from its grave to bite Hillary’s campaign. The stroking dead is apparently impervious to silver bullets or garlic, and unlike vampires it does show up in photographs, on cell phones across the globe.

More at the link.  *Gigglesnort!*



  1. It feels like the Clinton campaign and the Press (redundancy alert!) are starting to panic. That suggests that their internal polling is even worse than what the published polls say. As you know, I've been skeptical of the polls for quite some time, because they are guessing at what turnout might be.

    The latest (IIRC, LAT poll) shows the enthusiasm is WAY up among Trump supporters and WAY down for Clinton supporters. That suggests that the election isn't even close – and would explain a lot of the panic we're seeing right now.

  2. Just curious, I've already tallied my vote for Trump, what chance does he have and are those changes growing? I get so discouraged with the news I don't even know the truth of it anymore.

    From Arkansas I do know the crap pile that is the Clintons and it scares the heck outta me!

  3. people here in northeast ohio still voting in droves for clinton.
    these are smart people, too.
    believe every lying or twisted thing about trump and believe clinton has their best interest at heart.
    if only she had a heart.

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