No s***, Sherlock!


I’ve watched people try to throw their weight around with serving staff.  It seldom ends well, as Stephan Pastis reminds us.  Click the image to be taken to a larger version at the comic strip’s Web page.



  1. Never spit in anyone's food, there are plenty of other things handy and just as nasty that won't leave a DNA trail back to you.

  2. To expand on your post, here is a blog devoted to servers, and what they go thru. This cartoon would fall in the "sweet revenge" section.

  3. Happened to me once at Logan's. Hostess seats us, 15 minutes go by with never a word to us. We get up, walk out the door, and go to O'Charleys. Haven't been back to that Logan's.

  4. I constantly remind snottier folks in the ER, who think yelling at the staff helps their case:

    "Do you ever yell at the waiter or waitress? Didja ever notice afterwards how your food tastes like spit?"

    The brighter ones mend their ways in haste.

    The dumber ones get fired (as patients, visitors, whatever), and sent back out to the waiting room for a spell to reconsider their options.

    Yes, really. I've seen me do it.

    The therapeutic value of eviction, or several hours of Fluorescent Light Therapy, does wonders for people with minor (all the way to total b.s.) complaints, and major attitude problems.

    People with a Planetary Rotation Malfunction (who mistakenly believe the solar system revolves around their wants and demands) get an astronomy lesson in a hurry.

    Charge Nurse: "Why is this guy still in the waiting room?"
    Someone: "Because he's a malingering obnoxious @$$hole, and he has a sub-therapeutic fluorescent light titer. We're correcting that."
    ER Doc: "Fine. Let me know when he's ready to be a patient."

    (Any Karen Hissyfitters: Relax. In 99.9999% of cases, by actual count, people who walk in with serious problems don't act that way. Ever. For people who do, it's a "tell". The louder you yell, the longer you wait. It's the quiet ones we worry about.)

  5. Any employee who ever says something like that deserves to be fired on the spot.

    Tips are a reward for GOOD service, not something entitled shitweasels deserve for doing the absolute minimum their job requires (if even that). And any restaurant who thinks that sort of thing is ok needs to be shut down for health violations (a mysterious fire in the middle of night works too).

  6. Perhaps tips used to be a reward for good service, but my entire life waitstaff get paid below minimum wage because their main income source is the tips.

    Tip your waitstaff.

  7. Any customer who feels a victim of "silent discrimination" might behave that way
    …and any employee who feels unappreciated or "treated like 'not part of the team'" might behave that way

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