1. Saw that earlier today, and while it's clearly fake, my Photoshop-fu isn't strong enough to say just what got patched onto what. And I completely missed the reflection – I just said, "his hair's too perfect, that tie would be somewhere around his back, his legs would be disappearing into an engine, and his pilot would be murdering him."

    Also, do airliner cockpit windows still open? I dunno – maybe they do. They used to.

  2. Turbine vanes appear to be stationary. I don't know if any camera would "freeze" them in normal light.

  3. My best guess: The plane was cut from a stationary image, the man was cut from another image, the background is a thrid image. I suspect the shadow was painted. it's a lot of work and in and of itself is kinda cool.

    Second guess – He's either found a way to squeeze out the cockpit window, or he's on a ladder leaning out. I think the ladder is more likely. The background image is separate.

    Turbine vains are stationary
    Reflection in Glasses is wrong
    There is no wind effect on his hair or skin.
    His tie is hanging

  4. Not at 200+ knots. The sunglasses would be gone and he would, at a minimum, be plastered against the AC hanging on like it meant his life, because it would.

  5. He's not standing on a ladder. 737s are built with cockpit side windows that slide open to allow the crew to escape a crashed aircraft, there's even a knotted escape rope in a cubbyhole in the ceiling. Most new designs (the 737 first flew in the '60s) have a central escape hatch on top.


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