Not a successful VIP transport


The Mexican Navy and its Marines operate a number of Russian-built Mil Mi-17 helicopters to support its anti-narcotics missions.  One of them was tasked last week to survey hurricane damage in the state of Veracruz.  Its passengers included the Veracruz Minister of the Interior.

However, its takeoff from the town of Agua Blanca was less than successful.

Looks like the tail rotor wasn’t operating correctly.  Fortunately, it still had enough function for the pilots to land (sort of);  but I suspect it won’t be taking off again.

Those on board the helicopter can’t have been very happy, but I bet the minibus driver on the ground had a bigger brown-trouser moment, right there . . .



  1. Autogyo in with a crap tail rotor. Nice landing until the blade strike. Lost three friends to a damn blade strike

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