1. I had a rottweiler that would jump around in the grass with her sister like that when we would walk down to the creek on the farm. The two of them would run/jump circles around us the entire time we walked down to the creek (or anywhere else on the farm) and back. In town she was content to calmly walk along on a leash…until she decided she was tired. At that point she would lay down until she was done resting – she wouldn't even get up if you tried to drag her.

  2. That's a small grain, wheat by the look of it. (Could be barley, don't think it's rye. But it's not corn.) (I'll allow that some people esp from the UK call all grain "corn" – they call "Indian corn" 'maize'.)

    And the dog is trampling down the almost-ready to harvest stalks. Yes, loads of fun, and no biggie if only one dog (or person) does it.

    Sorry for the debbie downer 'tude, but second and third order effects do matter, right?


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