OK, that’s big

Here’s a Russian Mil Mi-26 heavy-lift helicopter picking up a US CH-47 Chinook helicopter.  It looks like it’s in Afghanistan or Iraq.  The Mi-26 can lift approximately the same payload as a C-130 Hercules tactical transport aircraft – almost 60% more than a CH-47 – so the weight of a Chinook is no problem.

Interesting to note the comparative sizes of the fuselages.



  1. ???

    Nothing's been corrected. If your computer is showing anything other than a helicopter video, I suggest you clear your cache, close your browser, re-open it and look again. That should take care of any problems.

  2. Not to worry, Peter. It's showing the correct video.

    But that Mdantsane song is still pretty nice.

  3. @Rawle I'm having the same issue but it is most certainly a local issue. Refresh the page and it will fix itself. Not sure what causes it.

  4. WOW, The Chinook is genuinely enormous. I recall being amazed it could move a HMMWV or a 155 howitzer. This helicopter dwarfs it.

  5. Here's a better metric. If you took a Boeing 737-100, new from the manufacturer and took the engines off. You could pretty much carry it with this thing. (My estimates are off by a ton or so, but I don't have an official MEW figure)

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