One perfect day in Sarajevo

In the light of my comments earlier today about the Superbowl halftime show, and as a counterpoint to the blatantly in-your-face sexuality on display there, here’s one of my happiest fan memories.  It’s the finals of the Winter Olympics figure skating competition in Sarajevo in 1984.  British couple Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean performed an absolutely spectacular routine that won perfect marks for artistic merit across the board, an unprecedented achievement in the Olympic Games.  It was a magical moment that enshrined them forever in the pantheon of ice skating heroes.  What’s more, they did so in a refined, gentlemanly and lady-like fashion, with no extravagant sexual emphasis such as we saw last night.  To call it “poetry in motion” isn’t an exaggeration, IMHO.

Here’s “The Perfect Day”.  Take your time and enjoy every moment.  It’s worth it.  (EDITED TO ADD:  If you can’t play it here, or click through to YouTube, try this link to watch it there.)

If only the performers at the Superbowl could have been as graceful and elegant as Jayne Torvill . . . but I suppose that was too much to expect.



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