Order, counter-order, disorder…

Matt Walsh tweeted yesterday, with tongue firmly in cheek:

Almost immediately, he received this reply:

That’s the thing.  All those protesters frothing at the mouth over unmarked police vehicles and/or law enforcement officers not wearing nametags are, in fact, aiming to identify and target those same vehicles and officers.  The authorities, not unaware of that tactic, are taking steps to thwart it – thereby enraging those who want to hurt them.  Why are the protesters surprised?  Did they really think they were the only ones who could figure out what they were up to?

The level of (im)maturity in the current protests and riots is exceeded only by their childish vindictiveness.



  1. I find it interesting that they demand the police identify themselves, but find having to remove their own masks, which are hiding their own identity, to be a violation of their rights. Maybe they should be unmasked (and named) as well. I'll note here in the South, where the law originally passed to prevent the KKK from wearing masks was used to unmask Antifa, resulted in them leaving instead of rioting/looting. Apparently, they don't want to be held responsible for their own actions.

  2. Gee, who'd a thunk that a generation that grew up getting trophies for everything would think they're more clever than everybody else?

    Did they really think they were the only ones who could figure out what they were up to?

    Why, yes. Yes they did.

  3. But no badge numbers either. No insignia–just tags sewn on that say POLICE. Which you can buy on the internet. What's to stop a group of vigilantes from dressing up, going out in their unmarked vehicle, and abducting someone? The difference is, this person will be beaten senseless, or raped, or will never come back at all. Who do you think will be blamed?

    Every cop EVER has faced the possibility of retaliation. It's part of the job. If you don't want to deal with it, get a different job.

  4. Actually, they do have identifying numbers on their uniforms (I know the feds do, at any rate).

    Frankly, people should be thanking $deity that things haven't gotten worse. Some of the things deployed by the 'protesters' would be grounds for a self-defense shooting (particularly the IEDs).

  5. I see that one Amy Siskin has self-identified her/he/she/it-self. Assuming, that is, that she/it isn't so cowardly that she/it used false name. Perhaps the better means of educating her and her ilk is to do unto them what they wish to do unto others, and do it first.

  6. When one stands among a mob and shouts, 'You're a dead man!', or, 'We'll find you and kill you.', I take that as an actionable threat against my person. And others join in to support that threat, I view that as further threat.

    It is not hyperbole to refer to those types as the enemy. They seek to destroy the rule of law and the foundations of society. So, make the enemy play to their own rules. Use their tactics against them. Follow them home, bring harm to them. And be sure to leave a note detailing exactly why you did to them what they wanted to do to you.


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