Perhaps we should import her?

I can’t help but goggle at the famous nude portrait of Alejandra Benitez, the Olympic fencer who’s just become Venezuela’s new Sports Minister.  (In order to keep this blog family-friendly, I’ve cropped the smaller image below.  For a larger one, uncropped, click here.)

Being a Venezuelan cabinet minister, we already know she’s a left-wing politician:  but that simply means she’d fit into the Obama administration without major ideological difficulties.  With looks like that, don’t you think we’d prefer seeing her there, compared to some of the women already in it?  (I won’t name names, but you can check out candidates for yourself here.)  Come to that, I’d prefer her looks to those of any of the men in the Administration!

Talk about the cut and thrust of politics . . .



  1. With looks like that, don't you think we'd prefer seeing her there, compared to some of the women already in it?

    Well, maybe if she dressed like that for work…

    Nope. Still nope. No. More. Socialists. We have too many, now.

  2. Great googly-moogly!

    OK, I'm willing to trade Janet Napolitano for that one. A one-for-one trade of leftists couldn't hurt, right? And she'd really have to work at it to do a worse job of securing our borders than Janet does.

  3. I see disease. But I'm not a man so I have the automatic filter in place to says 'warning!' do not let this thing near your children.

    Nope. Not jealous. I'm old and accept it.

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