Politicians – undeleted?

I was amused to read about a new Internet service that’s sure to outrage politicians standing for election this year.  The Sunlight Foundation has started a new service.  Its press release announced today:

Today we’re proud to unveil Politwoops, the only comprehensive collection of deleted tweets by U.S. politicians. From minor typos to major gaffes, Politwoops is now there to offer a searchable window into what they hoped you didn’t see.

The project follows the official Twitter accounts of members of Congress, President Obama and the slew of presidential candidates to track whenever they delete a Tweet and record the elapsed time before removal. The growing collection of more than 3,000 tweets in the past six months includes screenshots of included links and has individual pages for each politician. The Politwoops archive serves as an illuminating rough draft of how politicians and campaigns hone their social media messaging and amend their record.

There’s more at the link.

My favorite among the Politwoops messages I’ve looked at so far:

Sounds about right for Washington – and if enough politicians took Mr. McCarthy’s advice, it might dispose of a great deal of Congressional and Senatorial deadwood!


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  1. Why did he delete that? It's hilarious!

    Not to mention how I feel about driving in the District.

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