Post-Christmas turkey-induced coma and a red dot sight, among other things


Oh – excuse me.  You see, Miss D. and I cooked up a turkey for Christmas dinner, as we can’t take the contents of our freezer with us when we move next month (it’d take too long between packing it here and being able to unpack it back into the freezer there).  As a result, we’re “eating it down” this month and next, and we had a turkey to dispose of.  Today was the day, complete with gravy and a vegetable casserole.  Three servings later . . . diet?  What diet?  Surely you jest!

I had to laugh at two Christmas blog entries.  Joel brings us a ‘Scary, scary solstice‘ with variants on Christmas carols patterned after H. P. Lovecraft‘s fictional universe.  I’d never heard of Cthulhu-themed carols before, but I guess there’s a first time for everything . . .  Next, XBradTC brings us the tale of ‘The TOPGUN Christmas Card‘, complete with a photograph that’s emphatically not Santa’s reindeer!  Clearly, political correctness was honored more in the breach (or should that be ‘breech’?) than in the observance at the time . . .

Finally, thanks to everyone who entered the drawing for a TruGlo red dot sight.  Well over a hundred of you responded in comments at that post and via e-mail.  The winner is someone styling herself ‘Lady Mondegreen‘, a pseudonym which made me chuckle all over again.  Ma’am, you have e-mail.  If you’ll let me have your postal address, I’ll send the sight on Monday when the Post Office reopens for business.  Thanks to everyone for taking part.

It’s been a peaceful, happy Christmas for Miss D. and I.  I hope and trust that yours has been likewise.



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