Great customer service from two companies

As regular readers will know, when a vendor goes out of its way to render good service and put things right for its customers, I like to acknowledge that.  I encountered that this week with two companies:  Impact Guns and FedEx.

I’d ordered some handgun magazines (the kind that hold ammo, not the printed variety!) from Impact Guns, but the order was partly mis-filled.  Instead of one of the items I ordered, I received one for a gun I don’t own.  I called Impact on Wednesday, explained the problem, and asked what they could do to fix it, as I’d intended the missing item as a Christmas gift for a friend.  The people at Impact went out of their way to solve my problem.  They shipped out the correct item immediately, complete with a return shipping label for the incorrect one, and sent it via FedEx’s overnight service.  Great customer service in the middle of their busiest period of the year.  Full marks to Impact Guns.

FedEx also went out of their way to get the magazines to me.  While some are complaining that their shipments weren’t delivered on time, I can only marvel at how many were delivered in time for Christmas.  I suspect those that didn’t make it are a tiny minority (probably measured in fractions of one per cent) of those that did.  (Besides, everyone knows – or should know – that last-minute shipments at the height of the Christmas rush may not make it on time.  Order earlier!)  FedEx tried to deliver the package early yesterday evening, but Miss D. and I weren’t at home;  so the driver left a slip informing us that he’d tried, and telling us that we could collect it today, Christmas morning, if we wanted to drive to the nearest FedEx office.  I did so, not because I desperately needed the magazines right away, but to thank those on duty for giving up their Christmas morning to help others.  I took them a dozen donuts as a gesture of appreciation.  They seemed to like the gesture – they perked right up.  So, full marks to FedEx, too, for going the extra mile.



  1. I am glad you have competent FedEx delivery people. Unfortunately here in NE Atlanta we have the other end of the spectrum. A few days back the FedEx lady walked about half way across my neighbors yard and took the package a threw it at the front door. It is obvious she has done this before as it landed on the stoop right in front of the door where it hit and bounced off the lower portion of the front door. I was driving by and saw this go down. I stopped in the street and the FedEx lady kept her head down not looking up until she was back in her truck.

  2. I have two minor complaints about FedEx deliveries recently.

    They dropped off a ~3ft long box at the front door, but propped it up against the side railing, making it much more obvious to passersby.

    I found a large mailer envelope dropped over the locked side gate. This is on the other side of the garage from the front house door. Plasticized envelope, fortunately, since it sat through at least one rainy day before I stumbled on it.

    A bit of a grumble about them using the USPS for partial routing. Web tracking shows this adds one or two days to the overall time, when the Post Office is the final leg. It's not like they would be going out of their way to deliver it, as they go by the house twice a day.

    Overall, FedEx and UPS do an excellent job of home delivery. One can't expect perfection, but they do seem to strive for it.

    I just wish that they didn't mandate the most expensive rate for handguns.

  3. FedEx did right by me this week, for sure. Ordered a new upper from Bravo Company on Monday, and FedEx ground got it to me Friday morning, well within their estimate. Now if the UPS shipment from Brownell's would ever show up, I could finish the new rifle!

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