Pushing back against the obscenity of Planned Parenthood

Last week I wrote about the ghastly, unconscionable revelations of Planned Parenthood’s deliberate ‘harvesting’ of aborted foetuses and marketing their body parts.  Further revelations this week have made the picture even more damning.

I must commend the Daily Signal for providing us with a handy list of 39 companies that directly fund Planned Parenthood’s activities.  (It originally listed 41, but two appear to have been identified in error.)  The culprits are:

  1. Adobe
  2. American Cancer Society
  3. American Express
  4. AT&T
  5. Avon
  6. Bank of America
  7. Bath & Body Works
  8. Ben & Jerry’s
  9. Clorox
  10. Coca-Cola
  11. Converse
  12. Deutsche Bank
  13. Dockers
  14. Energizer
  15. Expedia
  16. ExxonMobil
  17. Fannie Mae
  18. Groupon
  19. Intuit
  20. Johnson & Johnson
  21. La Senza
  22. Levi Strauss
  23. Liberty Mutual
  24. Macy’s
  25. March of Dimes
  26. Microsoft
  27. Morgan Stanley
  28. Nike
  29. Oracle
  30. PepsiCo
  31. Pfizer
  32. Progressive
  33. Starbucks
  34. Susan G. Komen
  35. Tostitos
  36. Unilever
  37. United Way
  38. Verizon
  39. Wells Fargo

I’m shocked to recognize many of the names as belonging to companies whose products I use.  Needless to say, I’m going to try to cut my ties to all of those with whom I have contracts (yes, Verizon, I’m looking at you), and I’ll do my best to avoid buying products from the others.  If you, like me, believe that Planned Parenthood’s cynical exploitation of dead bodies for financial gain is abhorrent, I invite you to do likewise – and please write to the companies concerned (via snail mail rather than e-mail, if possible) to let them know why you’re doing so.  It’s perhaps the only way we have to exert pressure on PP.

I’m sure many won’t join or support us . . . but at least our consciences will be a little cleaner for the effort – and in a matter of morals and ethics like this, every little helps.  However, we can’t avoid all collective responsibility, because PP is funded by US taxpayers to the tune of well over $1 million per day.  That’s something else we should work against.  Have you contacted your Congressional representative and Senators about it yet?



  1. playing devil's advocate here…suppose you win and palnned parenthood goes away. who do you think is going to support all those babies? how many will grow up to be low information voters? criminals? killers? i know you're going to hate on me but i think pp is doing us a favor.

  2. @ Old NFO….. those 2 jokers? I don't even bother with those two anymore. Worthless as tits on a wild Texas boar hog.

  3. @riverrider

    Your question is irrelevant. You may as well ask, "Who is going to support all those people (not the aborted) who were murdered in 2015?"

    Abortion is murder, regardless of race. Utilitarianism is immoral, regardless of race.

  4. Riverrider, I agree with you about PP despite how distasteful it might be. You will note that Mignon510's response is an evasion of the issue. the only way the abortion issue will be permanently resolved is when bio-science completes the separation of sex and reproduction.

  5. This is slightly off-topic but relevant in the larger sense. It seems to me that social conservative types ought to view the following as good news.


    I view it as evidence that the social decay scenario is incorrect. The following also supports my argument that social decay is in fact not occurring at all:


    "Decadence" is a invented myth. There is no such thing as "decadence".

  6. Riverrider; let me throw some more fuel on the fire. If the great working masses are paying taxes to support the great unwashed in their living…..how come we aren't getting a return on that investment? How come we continue to GET 12-14-16 years old girls PG? AND why isn't there any arrests for rape; but that's another topic to discuss.
    My main reason to add to your posting is to put forth an idea. If we, the great working mass continue to pay for the great unwashed living….then I propose that we "get" something for our largess. I propose that after your 2nd or 3rd baby, then you will be spaded, neutered or mechanically prevented from having another spawn.
    Harsh? So what do you think squishing babies in the womb to preserve body parts, is? My proposal would actually prevent the escalating fecundity of the po' people and preserve the funds needed to "help" them out.

  7. United Way….the firm that I used to work for directed its management to twist arms to force salaried workers to donate to United Way. The goal was 100% compliance.

    When I objected because of United Way's support of Planned Parenthood I was informed that it would have an adverse affect on my career.

    Based on my religious convictions, I saw supporting Planned Parenthood with a single dollar as the moral equivalent of financially supporting the Nazi "Final Solution". Money is fungible and the first dollar is just as tainted as the last dollar that ends a life.

  8. I worked for a unit of Rockwell in the 80s and 90s and JoeMama is 100% correct. I was on the threshold of going to HR and the labor board the harassment from my manager to contribute was so bad. "just do it for a month, then cancel it." was the most common response to my objections.

  9. Coke, Ford, and Xerox all claim not to be donors. They are demanding PP remove them from the donor list. It seems PP lies about everything.

  10. Just saw an update to the orginal Daily Signal article (URL below) where they posted corporate responses. A number of copmpanies indicated that their contributons are via employee-match programs, but pay attention to the the list of companies who didn't respond at all … I'll focus on them when I'm writing my emails tomorrow, asking ever-so politely why they're funding the trafficking of human organs.


  11. That list is down to 38, and right now, the first thing to do is to give these corporations a clear chance to distance themselves from the atrocity. Those that do (right now, that includes Ford, Xerox and Coca-Cola) are to be commended and left alone. Those that don't run the risk of being painted with the same brush as the organ harvesters themselves.

    I think the most interesting thing, however, is that Planned Parenthood has also been caught lying about their corporate support. This indicates a secondary ethical issue that may expose their own public message in many ways. Keep digging, keep asking. Send a polite email to a remaining company on the list asking them if they are aware they have been listed as a donor.

  12. #riverrider

    “ … who do you think is going to support all those babies? …”

    Ever hear of personal 'responsibility'? Why should anyone other than the two people involved 'have' to fund them?

    As a nurse and midwife I have a 'catalogue' of prophylactics more than a hundred pages thick. And 'all' these prophylactics are cheaply (if not freely) and universally available everywhere in the western world to any woman who 'can be bothered'.

    So, I'll reiterate what I've said before, NO woman since the 70's (barring the vanishingly rare rape/incest victims – and not many of them considering the universal 'morning-after pill” prescription in such cases) has become pregnant for any reasons other than choice, stupidity or just plain laziness – fact!

    That the welfare system is set up to actively reward girls/women who act irresponsibly is beyond a doubt (here in the UK it has resulted in the “preferred, first choice of a career for 12 year old girls” as being to “get pregnant, get a free house and never have to work”).

    Freely available abortion is part of that system, it is (in the overwhelming majority of cases) an alternative prophylactic choice and nothing else (take any 'research' citing 'medical reasons' with a grain of salt since 'cramping the mothers social life' has long been seen as such).

    Believing that its removal (except in cases of 'real' medical emergency) would presage a return to the 'bad old days' where young girls/women were forced to make use of 'back-alley abortionists with coat-hangers” or face shunning, destitution and ruin is simply (straw-man) idiocy in a day and age where you can buy (or be given) prophylactics at the local drug-store (club, pub, news-stand, sweet-shop, …), something not available in the C18/19. Neither will it presage the wide-scale birth of even more of the 'underclass' (we already have that with welfare rewarding women for procreating at others expense) – it 'would' force some to 'think', and maybe 'take some responsibility' for a change (and maybe even 'refrain' – yeh, I’m dreaming I know).

    All of that is irrelevant though when taken against the now openly known/proven fact of a team of despicable monsters nonchalantly, without even a smidgeon of remorse, even blasé in the face of their production-line torture and murder of millions of babies for their own profit (and to get a Lamborghini).

    If we, as a culture/society, tolerate, excuse, and even champion, such evil, if we do not tear this edifice down around their ears, punish them as harshly as any war-criminal, then I fear we are lost and deserve to be destroyed ourselves.

  13. @JoeMama – BTDT. When i worked for Company X we had the same thing-pressure for 100% participation. A number of us dealt with that by writing in our choice, which was the NRA's Civil Rights Legal Defense Fund, and including a check payable to that name with our United Way paperwork. presto, 100% participation at the corporate level.

    Looking at the list of companies supporting Planned Parenthood, two things come to mind: First, I've been making purchases for years with preference given to companies not on the NRA's list of gun rights abusers, and; Second, neither the PP list or NRA's identifies "derivative distributors" – I may be able to avoid purchasing bleach in a Clorox bottle by purchasing instead Walmart brand bleach or supermarket house brand bleach, but from whom is Walmart and the supermarket chain buying their bleach? Is my local independent gas station getting "unbranded" gasoline from ExxonMobile, on which EM is still making money?

  14. If you want to avoid all companies who support abortion, go right ahead. It's your choice and your view and while I disagree on the point I grant the validity of that choice.

    What I strongly discourage is boycotting all the companies who support abortion but are unfortunate enough to be unwittingly supporting a company that also happens to be harvesting body parts. We don't know how deep the rabbithole goes, we don't know who was actually aware that this was happening, and we certainly shouldn't assume that everyone did.

  15. Uhmmm.. what is wrong with harvesting body parts of dead people, animals?

    Unless one believes in some sort of prime mystical bollocks, what happens to the flesh once it's dead is of no consequence whatsoever, and I am amazed that Americans of all people have the luxury to worry and be exasperated about it.

    The mothers wanted the unborn children gone. The legislation in the US, being secular as the founders intended, allows that. No one in their right mind considers a fetus or a baby equal to a child or adult. The effort spent raising the latter is much, much greater.

    What happens to the remnants later should matter.. why exactly? Considering the nature of human life, killing fetuses or babies is on the same level as say, Jihadis. You're sending them straight to heaven or oblivion, both more preferable destinations than this planet, which is full of us.

    There is far bigger fish to fry. For example, how to keep all of the nearly billion Africans who are about to be born in the next 20 years inside of Africa. How to contain the imploding mid-East (thx every idiot who was ever excited about and supported "Arab Spring")…

    Europe has seen pictures of Detroit, and we don't like them. Not at all. And US keeps a paltry 40 million African-descended people. And at what a cost. Meanwhile, our so-called leaders dither and do nothing, setting up preconditions for an eventual solution that is going to make the aftermath of WWII look like a cakewalk.


  16. Y., that is discussed more fully in episode 27 of the splintered caucus podcast. Short version is scientific and medical ethics laws.

    You may have heard of a European researcher by the name of Mengele? His depravity exceeded his grasp of experimental methodology, and so his work ended up being essentially pointless. American researchers reviewing his work and that of his peers decided they wanted to put in place measures to prevent similar wastes of money and resources.

    All US government spending on human experimentation is required to pass a fairly comprehensive review board, to cut down on the pointless stupidity.

    Furthermore, there are some fairly strict rules about informed consent. If the organs are to be sold, the mother should be informed. Perhaps she might want to shop around to get a better price?

    As for the more general question, humans naturally find patterns. Corpses will at some level remind most humans of living humans. Treating corpses with respect can minimize the psychological stresses caused by dealing with them, and this can influence how living humans are treated.

    Bob the fool

  17. thanks. list copied.
    goodbye, pepsi-free. [sigh]

    Able is 100 % correct.i used to be asocial worker.
    15 year-olds planning pregnancy so they can be mothers and declared emancipated minors–medical cards, food stamps, housing, et cetera all provided and no obligation on the part of the girl, or on the part of the baby's father [if she knows who he is].

    there is no system in place to correct this abuse. and think of the children born into this type of life. no way out for them, God help them.

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