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From the American Spectator:

The Hallmark Channel has better ratings now than CNN. Which means there is hope for America.

Uh-huh . . . but I’m not sure the popularity of the Hallmark Channel says anything good about its viewers!



  1. I disagree with your assessment of the Hallmark Channel. The two channels are full of good programming, of good moral stories, with decent actors and actresses. No gay agenda, no pushing for plural marriage or aiding a child to self-mutilate by 'transitioning' or fake 'reality' shows. And no man-hating movies.

    Sure, their movies may not be 'Oscar' worthy, but considering what has won lately, that is most assuredly a good thing.

    My wife watch a lot of old movies on TCM and AMC, and noticed pretty early that the movies we most like, the musicals of Fred Astaire or the strong moral stories of John Wayne, are still being made (and shown on Hallmark.)

    One of their best movie series is the "Signed, Sealed and Delivered" series, which is openly Christian and full of real romance (not bed the first person you see, but a romance that builds over years.)

    So, yeah, Hallmark is, in my eyes, pretty darned good. Especially after a long day of depressing news and stupid shows elsewhere.

    Heck, since they're the only channel showing the wonderful "Jesse Stone" movies, that's good enough for me.

  2. I've watched the Hallmark Channel exactly once, to watch a movie they'd just shot in my parents' town. We watched it as a group, me, my parents, and our former neighbors, and I don't think there was a plot element somebody didn't correctly guess, usually well ahead of time. The true pièce de résistance came at the end, when our former neighbor Patty said "and then they'll pan up, and there will be a shooting star," and sure enough that happened three seconds later. The movie did have a nice view of table at the restaurant where I'd dined with my parents two nights before that – it was where the couple from the movie were having coffee.

  3. You aren't thinking it through; neither choice is a indicator of good taste, but a preference for Hallmark over CNN indicates that more people like cheerful, upbeat drivel than like hateful, downer drivel.

  4. The Hallmark Channel isn't my favorite, but much better than watching berserk CNN commentators foaming at the mouth.

  5. We have Hulu, Amazon prime and Netflix and we find ourselves watching old classic black and white tv shows and stuff from the 60s and 70s. We binge watched the old "Adam 12" on Hulu when we were down with the flu. The vast majority of new stuff just isn't entertaining, it's usually insulting and the propaganda isn't the least bit subtle. I also find myself reading a lot of classical literature and I listen to audio books from librivox when I'm on long trips. That's all old public domain stuff. Even the stuff written for kids/young adults back then is well worth listening to. We're not old AARP geezers either we're gen-x and gen-y. Seeing more of it among our peers too especially those…well…more to the right side of the bell curve.

  6. My wife loves the Hallmark channel but it's a bit too "sweet" for my tastes. Having said that, a test pattern is better than CNN.

  7. Currently two Hallmark channels, one primarily romance and romantic comedies, the other romantic mysteries. And both fill in the remainder with older sitcom reruns.
    I have seen that Hallmark is attempting to start up their own publishing company focused on series by new authors that would serve as a source of material for their own made for TV movies. Some speculation that those would feed a new third Hallmark channel.
    Have to admit I will watch the mysteries, sure they're somewhat predictable, but still all good fun.

  8. They run (or until recently ran) "Last Man Standing" (Tim Allen's conservative sitcom). The Queen Of The World and I love that show.

    So yeah – our TV has been tuned to that station (and not to CNN), which I think was your point. 😉

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