This bears repeating – again and again

  Click the image for a larger view. So much of what we read and hear today is nothing more than political correctness writ large, that it’s worth reminding ourselves that at root, it’s all the same old extremist lie.  The communists used it in bucketsful.  So has almost every other extremist movement down the… Continue reading This bears repeating – again and again

Quote of the day

  From Glenn Reynolds, during a podcast: If you’re the president, if you’re a member of Congress, if you are a TSA agent, the only reason why somebody should listen to what you say, instead of horsewhipping you out of town for your impertinence, is because you exercise power via the Constitution. If the Constitution… Continue reading Quote of the day

A lesson in leadership

  Larry Lambert brings us an object lesson in leadership from Napoleon Bonaparte.  I won’t steal his thunder by copying his blog post here:  click over to Virtual Mirage and read it for yourself.  It won’t take you long. I found it inspiring because Bonaparte had many maxims that make solid good sense.  One of… Continue reading A lesson in leadership

Quote of the day

  (A tip o’ the hat to Diogenes’ Middle Finger for bringing it to our attention.) From the Would-Be Galactic Emperor, blogging at My Planet, My Rules: If you gather enough truly stupid people together in the same place, the resulting flash from the explosion of asshole can be seen in distant galaxies. Of course,… Continue reading Quote of the day

Quote of the week

From Diogenes’ Middle Finger: Rioters destroyed the Dilophosaurus statue outside the Kenosha Dinosaur Discovery Museum during the first night of riots. Now while not a slave-owning dinosaur, the Dilophosaurus, with a brain the size of a walnut, DOES routinely score higher on SATs than the average BLM thug. So I get the resentment. A sarcastic… Continue reading Quote of the week

Shakespeare’s influence on the things we say

I was interested to find this graphic on MeWe the other day. I knew of Shakespeare’s immense influence on the English language, of course, but it’s intriguing to see how many expressions that we take for granted can be found in his plays and verse.  Without him, expressing ourselves would be much more difficult. Peter

Quote of the day

From an article at the Modern War Institute at West Point, titled “You really think I’m irrelevant?  LOL.” A letter to Clausewitz haters from beyond the grave.  It points out that despite the passage of time and technological developments since he wrote his classic treatise “On War“, Carl von Clausewitz‘s military doctrines remain relevant today.… Continue reading Quote of the day

Quote of the day

From comedian Owen Benjamin on Gab: When you own goats you understand why celebrities worship the goat. The male goat spends all day peeing on his own face, trying to fornicate [with] literally anything, and yelling incoherently. It’s the celebrity spirit animal. It’s hard to argue with that insight! Peter