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From my blogbuddy Joel:

The Hillary apologists are right about one thing, you know: It really is time to move on – not from Hillary scandals, which are evergreen, but from holding out any hope for any part of the political class. We need to stop waiting for somebody on high to make us more free, and work on building our own individual freedom in a deliberately unfree world.




  1. Easy to say. Much harder to do. Because right now we're fighting for our daily paychecks, too. A nine-front war is a difficult thing to deal with (local, country, state, federal, and international politicians and laws, common criminals, organized crime, islamic terrorism, the PC corporate world, and I'm sure I misses a few), but fight on we must.

    Keep up the good fight, and pray it'll be better for our children.

  2. Not sure we're going to be able to move on. I am certain a rising tide of incivility is coming; our political class have just fully unmasked their disdain for us, the recent upswing in reports of police shootings of civilians, now retaliation in Dallas and next unrest in Cleveland and perhaps Philadelphia with the conventions. I am gravely concerned.

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