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From Paul, a merchant mariner who blogs at Hawsepiper.  (I’ve added a couple of links for the benefit of overseas readers who may not understand some allusions – I know I didn’t until I came to the USA.)

Freeing up a sticky bearing on our deck crane took just two hours, but it’s two hours where my ass is riding the end of the crane like Slim Pickens on the A-bomb, only I’m swinging a hammer and dicking around with a socket set while getting an atomic wedgie from a safety harness. So that was something I neither enjoyed nor wanted an audience for, as I’m not a modest person, and have little shame, but also don’t want to have to hear any shit for being spotted wearing industrial-strength S&M gear and asked if I’m waiting for the indian, cowboy and cop before starting the dance routine.

Thank you for that mental picture, buddy . . . NOT!!!


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