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From IOTWReport:

We’ve heard the left scoff at the right when we’ve said the 2nd amendment is necessary in order to combat an oppressive government.

“Civilians with guns are no match for a government,” laughs the left.

Meanwhile, millions of people are leaving a country because “some guys with guns on the back of a pick-up truck” are taking over a country.




  1. They scoff, "What good is a rifle against a tank?"

    Not much directly – but the commander likes to be able to look around, and the crew likes to take a dump outside the tank, and the tank does need to refuel and rearm sometime (and those trucks certainly aren't bulletproof). Tank crews like to sleep sometimes, too, although they'll never admit it.

    It's amazing how these people cheered for the Iraqi resistance and the Taliban, but try to convince us that there's no way we could possibly stand up to the police, much less the military. They do hate us so.

  2. The same folks say I'm no match for the average street thug and therefore I should disarm. Or that I'm not sufficiently trustworthy to own weapons, much less carry them.

  3. They don't understand. We won't be going after the army; we'll be going after the people who give the army orders, and the people who give them ideas.

  4. I have a brother that rails about this at every holyday supper. He'll scream at people "F" ing rednecks think they can defy government with PEA SHOOTERS"!!! He believes that if we all just give up our guns and bibles and smoke dope the world will become perfect. He is so filled with rage at–Well everything that isn't rainbow colored, dipped in LSD and rolled in weed, that I honesty think he's gonna have a stroke during one of his rage rants. The funny thing is that this "boy" is 56 going on 14 (he's still drinking ,drugging and smoking EXACTLY like he did as a teen) and a DEVOUT fan of his boy "Berrrrny". He's said more than once that he'd love a Saunders Clinton ticket so that "we can get rid of the rednecks". —Ray

  5. "A martial nobility and stubborn commons, possessed of arms, tenacious of property, and collected into constitutional assemblies, form the only balance capable of preserving a free constitution against enterprises of an aspiring prince"
    Edward Gibbon, "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire"

    I'm sure those very words were on the mind of our founders when they wrote our Constitution.

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