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From an article in the American Spectator titled “An Elegy for the FBI“:

Thanks to the raid of Trump’s home, the FBI is not only faced with having lost the confidence and cooperation of almost half of America. It has also transformed itself into a despised moral leper colony — a painted, hagged out, repellent, and whorish mockery of what it used to be.

And that really is the tragedy of the FBI.  It was once trusted and almost revered by much of America.  Today, even its Democratic Party overseers regard it with contempt as yet another tool to be used at their whim.  Its Special Agents, once some of the best investigators and crime-fighters in the country, are now no more than apparatchiks for their ideological masters.  I used to look forward to working with FBI agents who would come to the prison where I worked to investigate leads and follow them up.  Now?  Right now, I wouldn’t give an FBI agent the time of day, for fear it would be twisted and used against me.

Can the FBI be restored?  I sincerely doubt it.  The rot has set in throughout its middle and upper echelons.  They’d all have to be fired, to the last man and woman, in order to appoint replacements who were non-partisan and professional;  but where would such replacements be found?  Almost certainly, not among more junior agents.  The agency has long made sure that the people it recruits fit into the mold it’s created for itself.  Given that, could they be trusted to be objective and even-handed when promoted to higher rank?  I suspect most of us would answer that question with a resounding “No!”

The whole country is the poorer for that.



  1. Speaking as a former Army counterintelligence agent, and having worked in the DEA with veterans of Air Force OSI, I can say that nobody in federal law enforcement trusts or respects the FBI. They have no shame whatsoever about sweeping in at the last moment and stealing everybody else's cases, then ruining the prosecution through sheer stupidity and losing what had been slam-dunk cases.

  2. Isn't that always the way? The abuser, the democrat party in this example, always hates their victim. The democrats used to like the FBI because of the "stuff" they could get them to do. But now, it seems as if the abuser thinks it's the abused fault, for getting abused.

  3. The rot predates the FBI; look how ol' J. Edgar made his name. But collaboration with Hollywood created a shiny public image, and maintained it for decades – at least, for that portion of the public that doesn't hang out with Wobblies and the like.

  4. "The whole country is the poorer for that."
    I'll disagree with you.
    We will not be poorer for losing the FBI. Prohibition Hysteria fueled their growth, and only the Blue-Noses power trip allowed them to grow. They never were anything other than Jumped Up, hypocrites led by a Sexually Weird Fanatic.
    There is no surprise in the Agency turning on the citizens of this country. They have been rogue a long, long time. Destroy the FBI, and never allow anything like it to be authorized.

  5. Am I the only one on the planet who is totally appalled by the new TV show, Rookies – FBI?
    A short, seriously obese lesbian?Bi? black woman with huge tits that are on full display in unbelievably tight, startlingly low-cut clothing plays the lead.

    I am a short, well over-weight and out-of-shape female myself, but I have too much self-respect to go to work dressed like that woman is, regardless of her race or gender preferences. Who is in charge of this drivel?

    I have watched my last episode, and am also seriously considering dropping the other three FBI shows, though they have some great actors whom I have followed faithfully for years.

  6. If we were serious – and everyone on the planet knows we are not – we would burn it to the ground: fire every single FBI employee everywhere, right down to the floor sweepers, with 30-day severance pay and lifetime ban against any federal employment because they're proved themselves rotten and will bring the rot wherever they go, hire Jack Louizeaux's kids to turn FBI HQ into rubble, dump it in the ocean for a fish reef, plant grass on the site behind a big sign "Site of the Former FBI."

    Instead, we'll piddle around and obfuscate, hold hearings, do photo ops, implement "reforms", create a new agency from the garbage of the old one, pay the "new agency leadership" more and perpetuate the rot.

  7. I like the FBI J. Edgar Hoover building itself. Maybe DC could turn it into a homeless shelter or use it for the illegals being bussed up from FL and TX.

  8. I'd sift through the rubble for the "trouble makers". The ones who were competent, but just not "team players". Those I might consider for promotion to head up whatever level they are at.

    But as for the rest: "To Sack the staff, plunder their budge5ts, take their corner offices and hear the lamentations of their Lobbyists and PR flacks. That is good."

  9. No, Virginia, you are not the only one. The original "Rookie" is still very good, but if I wanted to listen to a skreechy, know-it-all obese black female I'd just stick my head out the apartment door and listen to the neighbors and those from a block away holler at each other.

    I have personally witnessed two of them talking on their phones to each other, and they were less than a block apart. And they were hollering so loud they really didn't need to use the cell phones.

    So, well, the show sucks.

  10. As to the FBI, well, just abolish the whole FBI and DOJ.

    The FBI's crime lab has been less than stellar for over 30 years, to the point that even baby idiotic lawyers can easily challenge results from said crime lab.

  11. summonsed to jury duty and you tell the judge at the voire dire that if there is any testimony from the FBI or the cops that you will vote to acquit due to lack of evidence and bogus testimony.

  12. After what they did to Trump's staffers, if an FBI agent says "Don't you think it's a nice day today?" I'd have to reply "I'll need to consult my attorney before I answer that."

  13. Burn it to the ground, prosecute the culpable, and flag every other employee as barred from any civil or law enforcement hiring for life. It was tainted from the start, then it got worse. We don't need a national KGB, but that's all they were, are, or will be.
    The rest is mythos, not reality.

  14. In the 60's I was in the leftist movement before I grew up. We used to call them The Feeble Bureau of Instigation as they continuously tried to hook people into doing really stupid things. Good thing for us they only got the stupid to listen to them. I see no difference today.

  15. Hey Peter;

    My Dad was an Army CID investigator for many years and he told me that the rank and file were good, but the rot set in for anyone vieing for promotion, they wanted a certain type as SAC and higher, and the information was one way with the local law enforcement much to the annoyance of the local Popo. We do need some kind of Law enforcement agency able to cross state lines, but the FBI internal rot is set too deep.

  16. A cursory glance at history can tell you that FBI has ALWAYS been nothing but soulless, inhuman gestapo filth with ZERO qualms about torturing and murdering innocent Americans on behalf of their demonrat party masters.

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