RA-CISSSS! . . . jumps the shark?

The perpetually offended SJW’s who see racism behind (and often in front, to either side and on top of) every bush have claimed a new ‘victory’.

“Dat Boi” is an Internet meme that sprung up randomly, as so many memes do, about two months ago. It’s a low-resolution frog riding a unicycle, with the caption “Here come dat boi!” Don’t try to overthink it. It’s (supposedly) funny because it’s silly and random. A frog, retro low-res graphics, a unicycle, and slang for “that boy.” If you insist on knowing more, there’s no shortage of Dat Boi explanatory articles. But really, all you need to know is that it’s arbitrary on purpose, a non sequitur, a head-scratcher for “noobs”…everything that makes a good meme.

Except that according to black social justice warriors, it’s a bad meme. A very bad meme. Because it’s racist (you expected a different reason?). Yes, the frog on the unicycle is racist. According to a May 25 piece in PAPER magazine, proud African-American warriors have decided that Dat Boi is yet another case of “cultural appropriation,” as well as “white privilege and the Internet’s casual appropriation of African-American Vernacular English (AAVE).” Over the course of three days, the influential, 40,000-person meme-appreciation Facebook group Post Aesthetics experienced a mutiny of sorts as black members demanded that posts featuring Dat Boi be censored, and that Dat Boi be banned from ever showing its froggy face again. The moderators agreed, and the frog on the unicycle was banished, along with many group members whose racism was so severe that they were blinded to the obvious fact that the unicycle frog was a greater menace to black people than a thousand noose-wielding Klansmen.

One anti–Dat Boi group member actually put the time into crafting a six-point itemized list explaining why the meme must be banned. Reason No. 1 was “People who are not black don’t get to decide what is and isn’t antiblack, or what is and isn’t AAVE.” In other words, my opinion is more valid than yours because my skin is different. That’s what passes for “antiracism” these days. Post Aesthetics mod Tamia Thompson explained to PAPER mag that Dat Boi represents “the commodification of black culture on the Internet,” adding, “we try to quell instances of appropriation in the group.” So sayonara, Dat Boi (wait…did I just culturally appropriate from Asians?).

Black social justice warriors won the battle. But what did they win? A ****ing frog on a ****ing unicycle. They got a meme banned from a meme appreciation group. Big victory … As SJWs continue to micromanage every perceived microaggression on the part of whites, we see black person after black person fighting inconsequential battles in the name of combating “cultural appropriation,” celebrating their victories as though they’ve actually accomplished something of value.

. . .

For a people who like to boast about being descended from kings, this is most surely an ignominious reduction in influence. “My ancestors ruled over a vast, fertile kingdom and commanded an army of warriors. I got a frog on a unicycle banned from a Facebook group.” From Zulu emperor to hobo emperor. It would be funny if not for the fact that the black community in the U.S. can ill afford such stupidity from its leaders and activists. Stoners wearing dreadlocks and frogs on unicycles…these are the worst problems black Americans face?

There’s more at the link.

I would shake my head in despair at the short-sightedness, the moral and ethical blindness, of those who obsess over such things . . . but that would be a waste of effort.  They’ve doomed themselves to irrelevance through their stupidity.  Let them wallow in it, while the rest of us get on with rebuilding a nation from the mess they’re leaving behind.  They have no future, and they’ve effectively written themselves out of ours.



  1. "Commodification of Black Culture".
    Didn't the recording industry beat the internet to the punch with selling R&B//pop records decades ago? Even getting the mainstream pop music radio stations to play those records as well? Resulting in …Heaven Forbid! …a lot of those songs "crossing over" into the mainstream pop charts as a result of record purchases by an interracial collective of radio listeners and record buyers?

  2. My racism must swing another way. "Dat Boi" brings to mind Asians (central Asians in particular) who were once governed by the UK. I wasn't thinking 'black' at all.

  3. Yep, yep, good to know that all of the real problems facing blacks in this country have been solved, so they can focus on major issues like this one!

  4. "African-American Vernacular English" does not exist.
    There is only a slang version of English.
    Anything esle is a bastardisation of the real language.
    English, as a spoken language, is constantly changing, as it always has.
    This claim that there is something as fanciful as "African-American Vernacular English" is a load of tripe.
    (Please see proper vernacular English to undersatand my last.)

  5. So…..it's not like they can fix their issues, so they just whine until something inconsequential gets done?

    If they want to erase racism, then they need to start at the base of their culture. Fix the gang bangers, stop ignoring that blacks do more crime per capita than any other racial group in the US (and likely worldwide).

    Stop making excuses for their OWN racism.

    Make it so that the KKK can't find anything to blame the "niggers" for. Educate and change their "black" culture. Start having families instead of sperm donors. Get their brothers and sisters to be productive members of society instead of leeching of of the productive members of society that pay taxes.

    Then racism will likely stop.

    This example won't fix anything.

  6. I may be wrong, but I've never heard of ANY large empire founded by the blacks, even though every other race has. Oh, I forgot that they try to say that the Egyptians were black, not brown.

    1. Depending on your definition of "large" look up "Shaka" and "Zulu Empire" or "Zulu Kingdom". There are other examples, but that's a pretty well known one. Not as impressive as the Roman Empire, perhaps, but then that's asking an awful lot, isn't it? Even the Holy Roman Empire, while impressive enough for what it was, was only ever a faint shadow of the might and glory that was Rome in all its debauched splendor… 😛

  7. Usually, most weekends here in Chicago several dozen black teens shoot another several dozen black teens, occasionally taking out an innocent child walking to school, but that doesn't seem to be an issue.

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