Remember that ‘grave’ error?

Back in October I reported on a coffin-shaped toilet erected in the local graveyard by the Chamber of Commerce of the Australian town of Millaa Millaa.  Unfortunately, Australian reader Snoggeramus informs us that the town council apparently has no sense of humor.

TABLELANDS Regional Council yesterday sounded the death knell for Millaa Millaa’s coffin-shaped toilet in the town cemetery, despite an impassioned plea from the local chamber of commerce for it to stay.

. . .

Unfortunately, it was built without planning permission on the council-owned land, and contravened numerous plumbing and building regulations in the process, according to a report to councillors meeting in Mareeba.

Now the council has decided to tell the chamber that it will have to remove the coffin-shaped structure that councillor Jenny Jensen labelled “disrespectful”.

Cr Shaaron Linwood said that if the council let the illegal toilet stay, other people would start to do the same thing.

Chamber president Pat Reynolds told the council that toilets were not rocket science and that they had existed long before plumbers were required to be licensed.

. . .

It was “bloody nuts” to have less than 1 per cent of the population tell the rest they could not go to the toilet.

There’s more at the link.

Perhaps the Chamber of Commerce should present small replicas of the coffin-shaped toilet to members of the Town Council as mementos . . . suitably en-‘graved’, of course!


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