A round of applause for the folks at Bundaberg!

I can only applaud the good Aussies at Bundaberg Rum. They produced this advertisement, showing a crocodile meeting an untimely demise.

PETA‘s Australian chapter apparently moaned about the ad, claiming it showed cruelty to and indifference toward animals. Bundaberg immediately fired back with this sequel.

Gotta love it!

EDITED TO ADD: Thanks to Tim D. in Comments, we learn that (with tongue firmly in cheek) Bundaberg Rum has now apologized for their apology!

So much for political correctness . . .



  1. That's the way we should handle nearly ALL political correctness. Make fun of them until their heads explode.

    I can understand not calling someone something insulting, but all these hyphenated American titles are just another way to keep the friction alive. Speak plainly, and if someone can't handle it, then they shouldn't talk to you.

  2. Rum is my hard liquor of choice, but I've never had, or seen, that brand.

    I will be looking for it now!! Any company with a level of political correctness that low deserves my respect and support!

  3. Keep in mind that their basic one if pretty rough, but I've heard some of the more expensive ones are quite good.

  4. We actually have a bottle of the good stuff in our liquor cabinet, thanks to an Australian friend who lives near their distillery.

    Guess I know what I'm having for an evening cocktail.

  5. I'm a Yank who wants to purchase this stuff because of their advertising. How can I do that? I'm in California. Does the bottle come in a crocodile case?

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