Russia sends a message to ISIL – and Europe too

I noted with interest the route followed by a Russian airstrike on ISIL in Syria recently.  The Daily Mail provides this map of the route followed by the Tupolev Tu-160 bombers (click it for a larger, more readable view):

There are only two nations in the world possessing bombers with so great an operational range:  the USA and Russia.  President Putin wasn’t just demonstrating his resolve to ISIL.  He was also demonstrating to Europe that if they really want to pick a fight with him over Ukraine, or NATO has visions of intervening to a greater extent in Eastern Europe, he’s got weapons that no European nation or alliance can match.

Ah, diplomacy . . . the art of saying “Good doggie!” convincingly, while reaching for a bloody great rock!  I suspect Europe and NATO got the message.



  1. No need to pick a fight over Ukraine. They're willing to defend themselves. All they need is the material to do the job. That can be supplied quietly. The fascist in the Kremlin isn't the only on who can play that game.

  2. Need help. This is no lie. Tonight while visiting a merchant of which I am a regular customer I was chased out because the seller, an arab, has gone a jihad. As a regular, I've developed a rapport wit the merchant. Sometimes joking, most often discussing current events. So, in response to his uunkept beard, not seen before this week, I jokingly ask if he was in Paris last week. Oh man, the red in his eyes! I apologize but it wasn't enough. He pronounced me as an idiot and that he was now ignoring me. I said his father and uncle would smile at the joke. He said his father or uncle would rather hold a knife to me throat. Then he told me to leave or else. I said or else what?

    Our business transaction already completed (so happily did he take my money for his goods while this was going on) I left the establishment of my own accord. This was in Fullerton, CA. How bold are they becoming.

    One more thing, I strongly feel that if he did not know me, precisely what I am about, he would have drawn on me. Again, that he knew me is why he did not draw on me.

    Yes, I say 'they'. For certainly they are not us.

    Cooming to a town near you. Ammo up, compatriots.

  3. NATO went as far as it could in expanding first to East Germany, then Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Macedonia. Not one of these expansions was done by agreement with the Russians.

    Trying to wrest Ukraine from Russia's iron grasp, even if only for EU membership, proved to be just the proverbial bridge too far. The Russian bear is up on its hindlegs baring its teeth and willing to fight to the death.

    It's time to face facts. Ukrainians are wonderful people but they are not worth starting World War III over. Time for some quiet diplomacy to end hostilities and find a new status quo.

  4. Anonymous at 9:49 pm

    You won't get any help from me. It is your right to refuse to do business with any Muslim. You chose to patronize this Muslim establishment because they were a bit cheaper than the competition. Now you complain that they kicked you out of the store. But that is their right, too.

    That he is now growing a scraggly beard should have been your final warning that your money is going to fund jihad. But instead of turning around on your heel, you thought a lame joke would paper over your misgivings. Sorry, no sympathy.

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