“Safety Tips for Your Next Monster Hunt”

That’s the title of a fun post over at Rev. Paul’s place.  Some examples:

1. If someone tells you that you are the Chosen One and must save whoever or whatever, kill them and change your name.

4. If you see a lone young child in the middle of nowhere and is uncommonly cheerful and/or giggling, run like you heard banjos.

11. If you can’t outrun the evil entity, well, you only have to outrun the more cliché characters.

15. Little known fact, vampires are allergic to magnesium. When ignited and shoved down their throat. It’s the only time that real vampires sparkle.

25. When you find the sacred/cursed/ancient artifact, don’t screw with it. Just put it on eBay and let the feedback answer your curiosity.

There are many more at the link.  Click over there for a good giggle.



  1. Hey Pete!!!,
    What a Hoot!!! 'Some of 'em are spot on though!!!
    Got Gunz…….OUTLAW!!!!,

  2. Dave Allen published a similar list back in the '80s. The one that that I remember best is, "Hunting werewolves with a Light Antitank Weapon is unsportsmanlike, but fun."

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