Saturday, November 4th: a target-rich environment?

I note that Antifa is to kick off its demonstrations across the USA tomorrow, November 4th.  I’ve mentioned them before, and you can read the latest news about them here.

Frankly, I suspect they’ll be more flim-flam than focus, and more smoke than fire.  I have little or no respect for these “useful idiots“.  Nevertheless, in Berkeley, CA and elsewhere, they’ve shown a tendency to violence and disrespect for the law (let alone individual rights).  Therefore, I trust all my readers will be prepared to defend their rights against them, should that become necessary.

Round here we refer to that sort of thing as “a target-rich environment”.  One hopes Antifa will have more sense than to try their nonsense around here . . . but if they do, they’re very likely to meet with a warm reception.  The locals probably won’t even wait for the police before they commence appropriate greetings.  We don’t put up with that sort of thing in these parts.  We value our rights too highly, and we aren’t about to surrender them in the face of thuggish intimidation.



  1. It seems that certain Communist groups are supporting/cheering antifa on…not to mention embracing the idea that "change" must come from extra legal, violent means. My question: Why in the hell aren't these groups (and their financing) being investigated?

  2. I think anyone wearing a black mask should be arrested. Black masks should be outlawed. It annoys me that 'peaceful' people are allowed to wear them at protests. The only reason for a black mask is to break the law.
    I expect the Lone Ranger would be offended.

  3. Hey Peter;

    You notice that they will protest in "blue" cities where the democratic political machine will give them cover. As long as they stay in the blue areas or the "Hillary archipelago" they will be safe to burn stuff and harass people. Once they try to branch out from the cities, the dynamics will change.

  4. There isn't any announced protest planned for Pittsburgh, but since I retired I avoid going into the city proper like the plague, anyway. I will be getting close today though when I head to the rifle club for trap practice. I'm thinking that maybe I'll take a handgun or three with me to do a little range work with them, too. Just in case………….

  5. Given some of the recent revelations about how external agents tried to influence the election, I would really like to dig deeper into the history of the rumors about today.

    It seems to me that an agent provocateur could start some rumors about planned attacks, and win no matter what happened. If Antifa groups decide to run with it, the provocateurs get destabilizing violence. If conservatives end up over-reacting to an alleged antifa act, the provocateurs get destabilizing violence.

    What more could a good provocateur want? No matter what happens, the country is further divided, which I think is the goal of whoever the provocateur is.

    But that's just me.

  6. A big nothingburger from what I'm seeing so far. A little ranting in a few locations.

    'Bout what I expected.

  7. Top down astroturf demonstrations as a rule don't really reflect the will of the people.
    Normally it is not too difficult to identify the type of demonstrator by their appearance. The free ride types who really believe they are entitled to what normal people work for and earn.
    I look at the young men with muscle tone in their arms similar to that of young girls and see a person who never worked and now really can't because they don't have the strength or endurance needed. Most cannot even work at more cerebral type jobs because they really not all that bright.
    Sad state of affairs for our future
    Paul in Fort Worth

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