Scam alert

Four times now, a commenter calling himself “Aaron Harris” has tried to leave a comment like the two below on this blog:

Hello everyone reading this message I'm here to ask for your assistance in helping those poor kids out there. I want to feed 5,000 (five thousand kids) in Africans this Christmas and I want to also send them back to school and I'm asking for your help to make this possible. No amount is too small or big $50, $100 any amount will be appreciated. Contact email via (deleted) thanks.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Please join me today as I make impact, as you are planning for Christmas don’t forget that their kids outside who are homeless that need help, I’m soliciting for your assistance today to join me as I plan to feed five children for this Christmas and I want to also send them back to school your support is needed nothing is too small nothing is too big for this purpose, if you are interested in joining me, email me at (deleted).

Needless to say, there’s no way to verify who this person is, whether or not he’s genuine, and whether or not any donated funds will ever reach their intended recipients.

I’ve seen some comments by him on other blogs, where less stringent comment moderation is enforced.  I’m sure this is a scam, and I wanted to give my readers a heads-up.  Please don’t be fooled by such appeals, where there’s no accountability, no audit trail and no possibility of checking the bona fides (or otherwise) of the poster.  Don’t send him/them any money at all.

(BTW, I’ve blocked comments on this post, for obvious reasons.)


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