“Should I get my anti-vax friends’ baby vaccinated without telling them?”


That’s the question put by an anonymous reader to Damon Young’s advice column in the Washington Post.

Hi Damon: My best friend is an antivaxxer (not only covid, all the vaccines). His wife is, too. They have a 9-month-old baby and they haven’t vaccinated him. I babysit for them every other weekend. Should I take the baby to get his shots without telling them?

To his credit, despite being pro-vaxx, Damon advised strongly against doing so:

I am also a parent of two small children. And if someone took them, against my will, to get vaccinated? Let’s just say that I was advised, by my editors, for legal-ish reasons, not to say what I’d do to that person.

What you’re suggesting is reckless, egregious and possibly even criminal. Forty-three states require a parent’s permission to vaccinate a child. The age where parental consent is no longer necessary depends on the state, and ranges between 15 and 18. But these laws are for teenagers who wish to get vaccinated, not adults who want to sneak their friends’ babies to the clinic.

Of course, if you believe that your friends are abusing their children, you have a responsibility to report them. But despite the fact that I do agree with you on the necessity of vaccination, and that your friends are acting dangerously, you’ve burrowed so deeply in the rabbit hole of self-righteousness that you’ve come up on the wrong side.

There’s more at the link.

What astonishes me (although, given the number of Karens who’ve popped out of the woodwork since the COVID-19 pandemic began, perhaps it shouldn’t have) is that someone could even begin to think that interfering in the health care of someone else’s children – her best friend’s children, at that – is OK in any way, shape or form.  It’s none of her business!  How would she react if someone else were to restrain her from vaccinating her own kids, because they didn’t agree with her views on the subject?

How could anyone in their right mind even conceive of such a question, much less ask it?  My mind boggles at such incredibly insouciant blindness to reality.  It boggles even more that a “best friend” would be willing to betray so intimate a trust like that.  Talk about Nurse Ratched in the flesh!  (Of course, I’d try to choose my close friends better than that in the first place.)

All I can say is, if anyone did that to a child of mine and I found out about it,                                                                        .  (Fill in the dark bit to your own satisfaction.  Further affiant sayeth naught.)



  1. There would be a lot of respondents to the lawsuit and reports to CPS. The 'friend' for taking the children but more importantly the medical practice, nurse, and doctor for administering the shots without the actual parent's permission…

    That is assuming the 'friend' didn't simply disappear.


  2. I read as far as "Side effects from vaccines are easily treatable" and "Measles, whooping cough, and polio will kill you" and decided that I need my brain cells.

  3. Doing that to someone else's child is not "possibly criminal" – it IS criminal .
    Assault , battery , child endangerment , possibly even kidnapping .

  4. Those people are not in their right minds but far too many normal-ish people get tied up in normalcy bias and wanting to get along for the sake of getting along that they don't cut these evil fucks out of their lives like they need to.

  5. Since he works for WaPo, he's Leftist. Being naturally devious and cynical he presumed that the question was a set up to make him and the Post look bad. So he refused (under pressure form the same editors he claimed warned him about something else he should never have had need to ask them about (hence my suspicion)) to give the real answer we know that was in his heart.

    These people are evil, not stupid.

  6. Not my house. Not my rules. Not counting Navy, I never stood in loco parentis. It's hard to imagine this place,


    Used to make house calls with my older sister who was six as my grandfather treated the patients around Carlisle. He never once drew an uncertain breath since he graduated from Johns Hopkins Medical School at 22.

  7. "your friends are acting dangerously"

    I'd love to see the statistics on child Covid deaths. Oh wait, I have. That is a flat out lie.

    Can you imagine the following exchange?

    "My friends refuse to let their 10 year old get a tattoo and he really wants one. I was thinking maybe I should take him.."

    Or even worse:

    " My friends won't acknowledge that their son is really a girl and won't let him cut off his dick. Should I take him to the surgeon this weekend when I'm looking after him?"

  8. It depends on where the incident occurs/occurred. If in Free USA then, yeah, chipper shredder for everyone involved in vaxxing the children.

    On the other hand, some leftist poop-hole like New York City? She'd probaly get a friggin medal and a reward.

    Sad thing is, even in the Free USA, there are many, many of these people out there.

    Now, childhood vaccines? Like for Typhoid, Diphtheria, Cholera, Mumps, Measles and Rubella, well, there are cemeteries full of children struck down by those diseases. And now polio has returned to our fair shores. Still the parent's right, but… Dammit, there's that old-school libertarian argument thingy again.

  9. Last Saturday morning I recorded the eminent expert Dr Peter McCullough with his presentation and also where he's given up to date answers on the pressing issues related to the Covid vax push. You can view it here: https://rumble.com/v1ld911-dr-peter-mccullough-q-and-a-section.html

    One of the questions is to do with the latest findings on myocarditis Sudden Death in children and adults. He said (at 5:34):

    "There's now been over 200 papers on myocarditis, 200 papers, and just this week, last night on Tucker Carlson on Fox News, he went over the most recent CDC paper published in Lancet, and it was commentary by Dr. Macary from John's Hopkins. What we know now is that (for) myocarditis issues, 90% of cases are in boys or men. The peak age is 18 to 24. It extends up to age 60 and 70. It happens with a messenger RNA and the Adenoviral DNA vaccines, and it happens with the antiogen vaccines such as Novavax. So it happens with all of them.

    Myocarditis is inflammation in the heart and in a paper by Bonemeyer and colleagues, they've demonstrated the spike protein is physically in the heart. And there are autopsy-proven fatal cases. The first one in the United States by Verma, published in 2021 by Choy in 2022, uh, by Gill in the United States, two cases fatal after Pfizer, uh, in, uh, 2022. And then a bombshell paper just was published in circulation by Paton and colleagues from the UK. And they've reported a hundred fatal cases where the cause of death on the death certificate is Covid 19 vaccine induced myocarditis. Now, I've testified under oath that as a cardiologist, one case is too many, one case, particularly in young people, because young people, uh, have a mild case of covid. It's always treated. There's never any justification to risk heart muscle damage, and we know it certainly can be fatal. Uh, there are case reports of, uh, young people going on to progress with heart failure. And in a paper by Manuian and colleagues done in Bangkok, Thailand recently, the first prospective cohort study, they measured cardiac blood testing, EK cardiography and MRI before the second shot of Covid, uh, second shot of Pfizer, and then after this second shot of Pfizer."

    It was never normal or even heard of to have heart attacks in such young people before the covid injection push, let alone the cardiac issues arising in children.

  10. Kidnapping.
    Battery upon an infant.

    That's life (or death) years in federal butt-pounding prison, right there, + another 20 years, followed by another 5-15 in the state version.
    Then further charges for anything, up to and including premature death, that happens to that child for the rest of their life.
    Then the everything-you've-got-and-ever-will-have civil suits.

    The babysitter has forfeited all rights to suck oxygen, at this point, just for considering doing this. I would take them to the police immediately if I found out about it. By ankle-chaining them to the car bumper with a 50' tow chain. I'd definitely observe the posted speed limit the entire way there.

    What would happen between ratifying their choice, and hooking them to the bumper until their actual last breath, would be the stuff to give most people lifelong nightmares, give the likes of Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft literary inspiration for their entire lives, and make Afghani and Apache prisoner tortures seem weak and amateurish by comparison. Pliers and blowtorches would be just the opening bid.

    And I would sleep like a baby afterwards.

    That person is not anyone's best friend; she is a sociopath.

  11. I watched the Zoom call of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation last night with Steve Kirsch, Naomi Wolf, and Dr. James Thorp.

    Absolutely horrifying. Whether they are trying to kill/sterilize us on purpose or are callously disregarding "adverse outcomes" as collateral damage in pursuit of filthy lucre does not really matter anymore.

    It's a crime against humanity, and they all must go on trial (Nuremberg 2.0) and receive the maximum penalty.

  12. At the risk of shamelessly linking to an essay of mine* you have to know your enemy. This person asking is CONVINCED he is doing good by thinking this way. And this is, psychologically, our single biggest hurdle: they have convinced themselves that their pro-Jab stance makes them a good person. Hence, any information that weakens this undermines that view of themselves as a good person – thus, rejected a la Frantz Fanon:

    “Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn't fit in with the core belief.”

    I recently sent my Rabbi an email stuffed with links to doctors saying STOP THE JABS and that UK Cardiologist and Ryan Cole and Peter McCollough and others. To his credit he says he's going through it – and understandably cross-checking. But my Shul will likely NEVER change its pro-Jab stance. Because he's a triple-Jabbed SJW. Yuri B. was correct.

    I'd change to the local Chabad but my wife's not Jewish (long story), and if I push too hard on the religion thing I get pushback on raising the kids as Jews.

    * https://granitegrok.com/blog/2021/08/slip-sliding-towards-hell-with-a-good-conscience

    And if you'll tolerate it, a link to my Covid-related cartoons:


  13. The entirety of Christian history has been one of doing terrible things to heathens FOR THEIR OWN GOOD. How is this different?

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