1. So far, my fave has been Duffle Blog: "Afghan leaders assure US: ‘Our government has been shut down for 16 years and we’re fine’".

  2. The Afghan government's effectively been shut down for most of the past four decades, since the Soviets invaded.

  3. "The Road." Good book.

    I went to the "No Call" page today to list another robo caller, and the web page came up and said due to the shut down, the service was not available. That is the sole impact of the shutdown on me. What worries me now is what kind of back room deal the Republicans cut with the Dimwits. I don't want to hear we have another 800,000 new citizens instead of 800,000 illegal aliens all of a sudden.

  4. As is the case with pretty much everything he's had any hand in, on, under or even close to touching, Chucklehead Schumer's Sh**ty Little Biggish-Gubment "Shutdown" began poorly and mostly-dysfunctionally, went downhill from there, and failed utterly and prematurely (as if ANYthing connected in any way whatsoevah to Chucklehead can ever be said to have any vestige of "-maturely" even close to it), dissipating in typically-ineffectual, mild and quickly-disappearing mist –

    (If you detect a certain thoroughgoing…disdain for that half-glassed, half-assed, fatuous, fat-vacuum-skulled moron and any and all his alleged-"works" – you've got it just right. No greater waste of oxygen exists within the Solar System than that consumed to sustain Schumer The Schmuck…YMMV – but not by much!)

  5. I wonder how long it took them to realize that most Republican voters are peachy keen with government being limited to essential functions.

    And that a supermajority of voters want a crackdown on illegal immigration.

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