So much for respecting their authority . . .

In Officer Candidate School, one of the most important lessons we learned was never to issue an order that you knew could not or would not be obeyed.  To do so would only undermine our authority.  It seems the NYPD could do with hearing that lesson again . . .

There’s apparently an annual ‘longboard’ skateboard race in New York City known as the ‘Broadway Bomb‘.  This year the city banned it, and the New York State Supreme Court ruled that it was within its rights to do so.

Naturally the skateboarders, being sober, upright citizens, honored the ban and canceled the event, right?


This is what happened in October when the NYPD tried to stop them.  Love the theme music!



  1. Hilarious.

    Was drinking coffee-spewed on my desk…

    This is the same department , of course, who in August 2012 had two officers shoot at an escaping murderer, firing a total between them of 16 shots, hitting their target twice and innocent by-standers 9 times.

    Keystone Kops?


  2. Not at all surprisingly, the only ones causing an actual problem appeared to be the cops, creating a substantial risk of bodily injury for a skateboarder trying to avoid the barrier, or for an innocent bystander. They could have spent their efforts far more productively blocking off side streets for a few minutes, and just letting the race proceed.

  3. It is more a risk to reward problem.

    Is the risk of injury to police, perps and bystanders worth the reward of stopping the race in this manner?

    My answer would be no.


  4. Some of the words in the comments here give me 'pause to think', (a rare event for my Senior grey matter).
    Perps, injury, problem, Cops, bystanders, et al.
    Loosen up!.
    The potential for this to rival the Boston marathon is glaringly obvious, if handled as well as the Marathon.
    Imagine, a deliberately limited number of longboarders completing, but, NOT COMPETING, (vain hope), a properly surveyed road course, what spectacle indeed!.
    Hey New York, is anyone listening?.
    There should be.
    FYI, my Wife and I were there in April/May, 2008 for a week, (two 58 year old backpackers) and people, these two Aussies LOVED IT!. Had yarns with a Copper, a Fireman, more than three bartenders, a couple of cabbies, a delightful young Lady at a checkout, lots of 'people', we stayed in a brilliant little 7 storey hotel on East Houston St, we had a blast!.
    Would we go back?..ABSOLUTELY, like YESTERDAY!!.
    I've just clinched a deal with my Missus, we're heading back, within two years from now, SO looking forward to it, we wouldn't miss it for quids. (Aussie saying, indicating high excitement and very keen anticipation).
    Be there, or be square.
    Stu and Jill.

  5. Stu Garfath here again. I just noticed the 'time' attached at the end of my last comment.
    My comment was submitted at 7:46PM, early evening of Tuesday, December 10. (Australian Eastern Standard Time).
    As I type, I look outside, to a disgustingly cobalt blue, sunset orange tinged cloudless sky, temp, 25C.
    The Lorikeets screetch madly as they pass over my backyard, to their nights nest.
    When I lay my head on my pillow tonight, I'll hear the low rumble of the surf from the beach barely a mile away, as usual.
    I know I'm bragging, but I had to tell someone, my Missus and I know how bloody lucky we are, every day.
    We are very grateful indeed for our good fortune.
    That's it, bye then.
    Stu and Jill Garfath.

  6. Stu, let's make a plan to get together when you're out here. I'm not sure where I'll be, but we'll figure something out if possible.

  7. If the police were fishermen they'd starve with those netting techniques.
    And if they really wanted to stop the boarders, they could have, but either they didn't want to hurt them or they didn't want to explain the dents and blood on their cars.

  8. The best part was at 1:45, when they caught the one kid, and then several dozen blew by.

    Reminded me of Tolstoy in War and Peace (paraphrasing): "After Napoleon had the supposed incendiaries executed, the rest of Moscow burned down."

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