So much for “underaged” or “minor” refugees…


We’ve known for a long time that many (probably most) of those claiming refugee status at our borders, and those of European nations, aren’t really refugees at all.  They’re economic migrants, desperate to reach a country that can offer them a better life than the hellholes they’ve left behind.  To get in, they’ll lie, cheat, and do whatever they have to do to outwit those who are trying to make sure that only genuine refugees get through.

Belgium has learned that the hard way.

Belgian authorities carried out 2,515 age tests on self-professed underage migrants last year and of the 2,435 results, 69 per cent were found to be adults and just 31 per cent were declared to be minors.

The fact underage migrants tend to receive preferential treatment in European countries if they are unaccompanied minors has created the phenomenon of arrivals lying about their age, and Belgium is not the only country to have instituted tests.

. . .

The figures follow others discussed in December last year, when Sammy Mahdi — Belgium’s Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration — stated at of the 1,991 migrants who had been tested at the time, 70 per cent turned out to be adults, largely in line with the new numbers.

There’s more at the link.

My question is:  what’s going to happen to those who lied about their age?  One would hope they were summarily expelled from the country, preferably by way of a one-way trip, in handcuffs, back to their home countries;  but I daresay that’s unlikely.  The bleeding-heart loony left will make a fuss about them, demanding that since they’ve made it so far, they should be accommodated somehow despite their lies.  That’s what you get when honesty and integrity are no longer primary requirements . . .

I’d love to know whether US authorities are conducting similar tests, and if so, what the results look like.  I’m willing to bet the same problem exists here;  and I’m willing to bet that they aren’t looking for those responsible, to expel them from the country for lying on their applications for refugee status.



  1. "I'd love to know whether US authorities are conducting similar tests, and if so, what the results look like."
    HA HA HA. LOL.
    Silly boy.
    For the longest time Border Patrol has stated that the "unaccompanied minor" category has been made up of some over the age limit pretenders.
    Many of whom are gang members or cartel shills.

  2. I apologize for not writing this earlier (there have been a number of recent posts that it might have fit better under). Hopefully, it is not too far off topic. I do not think it is. I live in a suburb of Seattle. A certain webpage of city here shows the demographics. We have one of the most, if not the most, diverse populations in the state, with nearly every ethnic group represented, in all our various neighborhoods. Temples, churches, mosques, synagogues, and mosques are places where people who were not born here receive assistance. Each one can talk about, show, and recite where it says in their book that what they are doing to help is their duty, responsibility, obligation, and desire, in order to faithfully live out a part of their beliefs. How are we to respond when we engage and communicate valid concerns regarding this issue? [Please, I am not interested in hear another lecture about, "sanctuary", . . . or endless rants about the left, etc. Final paragraphs on this website about how we are all supposed to push back against are sincere and encouraging, but, . . . !?]

  3. "How are we to respond when we engage and communicate valid concerns regarding this issue?"

    "If these organizations could realistically help everyone in need, there'd be no issue, but our local problem is that the concentration of aid offered here in this small community makes this community a magnet for more and more people in need, and many are left unaided but still here. Your efforts would be less harmful if you could pursue them across many neighborhoods instead of concentrating them here."

  4. I'm wondering how they do an age test.

    All I can think of is, cut them in half and count the rings, and they probably don't do that.

    Tooth wear, like horses? I just cannot think of any medical test for age.

  5. Seriously, Bobby?

    Tooth eruption is the surest way to determine if a person is under a certain age. For the purposes of this scenario, it's not necessary to determine an illegal's exact age, just make sure that they are not older than "X". You can easily google the order and age of onset of tooth eruption. Then, open mouth, examine teeth.

    If there are questions (such as a person having had their teeth knocked/rotted out), in most cases, if not all, a simple panoramic x-ray will reveal whether or not there are still teeth buried within the jaw. Depending on which ones they are (molars?
    wisdom teeth? Whatever), you can determine whether or not the person is still a developing child or a full-grown adult.

    There are other means as well, such as whether or not the ends of the long bones have turned from cartilage to bone, or in really young children, whether or not the bones in the skull have fused. There's a whole medical specialty devoted to this. Again, ask google or your own doctor.

    The more important question then becomes, "So what now?"

    (Facts aside, I did chuckle re your rings comment. Im assuming it was a joke, but you're no John Wilder. There are talking heads on msnbc who might actually believe it.)

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