So Russia DID intervene in our recent Presidential election!

Australia’s Daily Telegraph has the scoop.

Secret documents recently discovered in a bin behind a Kremlin-district 24-hour cabbage and tobacco store reveal for the first time the devious extent of Russian interference. These plans were decades in the making.

Read on, as never-before-seen communiques between Russian agents Sergei Potrov and Dimitri Bienko outline the wicked plot – beginning in 1947, on the day of Hillary Clinton’s birth:

Dearest Dimitri

I am pleased to report that phase one of Operation Cankles is total success! Soviet implantation of stupid American woman resulted in birth today of hefty girl-child destined to be unelectable candidate 70 years from now.

Child is basically just ankles and head, similar to sturdy and hard-working female stock from adored Ilmensky Mountains. In decadent America, nobody will ever vote for such a noble being.

Yours in Soviet solidarity,


. . .

Even tectonic global changes could not sway Agents Potrov and Bienko from their cause:

Dearest Sergei,

Alas, our beloved Soviet Union is no more. Gorbachev has ruined everything. Please do not give up on Operation Cankles. It may prove to be the final major accomplishment of our great land and heroic peoples.

In other news, our budget has been slightly trimmed. Suggest you monitor Hillary from American streets, where lucrative sign-holding job will provide cover and help pay rent.

Yours in Glasnost,


There’s more at the link.

Ah, satire . . . where would we be without it?



  1. Funny ! I don't know if her loss can be blamed to Russian influence, but when you see the net results of Dem losses in Senate, House of Rep. and Governorships, claiming HER loss to hack does not hold up. The entire Democratic party was burned this time. And if she was hacked, her protection of information in her home likely provided a lot of fuel to the fire.

  2. Satire is still the best pathway and portal to the truth, in my opinion.
    So are it's cousins, sarcasm and sardonicism.

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