So, when is the next Broadway Bomb?

Regular readers will recall that a couple of years ago, the New York Supreme Court upheld a ban on the ‘Broadway Bomb‘ longboarding race in New York City.  Needless to say, the participants raised their joint and several middle fingers to the authorities and, in a breathtaking display of mass civil disobedience, made the NYPD look like utter idiots as they tried to stop the race.  I put up a video of proceedings at the time, complete with the Benny Hill theme (what else?), to general hilarity.

I was browsing through my archives when I came across that entry, and decided to see whether the ‘Broadway Bomb’ had continued its one-finger salute to the authorities.  It seems it’s still alive and well, but there are multiple Facebook sites that disagree on the date for this year’s event.  Two, ‘Broadway Bomb 2015‘ and ‘Broadway Bomb Company Website‘, claim it’ll be on Saturday, October 17th, at noon.  Another, ‘Broadway Bomb Non-Profit Organization‘, asserts it’s actually on Saturday, October 10th, at noon.

Can any of my New York City readers help us?  When will the ‘Broadway Bomb’ be held this year?  Can you find out and let us know in Comments, please?

(Readers in other cities might find the same sort of event closer to home.  There was apparently a ‘Broadway Bomb’ race held in Los Angeles at the end of August.  Do you know of similar races in other cities?  If so, please tell us about them in Comments.)

Meanwhile, I’m going to sit back and enjoy the video from 2013 one more time.




  1. Looking at that video, all I could think was, "Just HOW stupid do you have to be to not understand that people can go AROUND a fence?"

  2. You do know that "the New York Supreme Court" is a county-level court? That's the trial-level court in New York County– ie, Manhattan. They issue injunctions, they don't uphold them.

  3. I have a sinking feeling that the nypd will not just accept this, and may esclate. Tear gas, riot shields, etc. Authoratah must be respected!

  4. Broadway Bomb NYC will happen Saturday, October 17 at the Highest of NOON. Take the (1) local train to 116th St. Skate down the hill on 116th St to Riverside Park anytime before 11:30. The bomb starts NOON sharp. Skate Broadway 8.2 miles to the Financial District where Broadway Ave splits. First to slap the fat, iron bull in the middle of the street wins. Wear a helmet, no skitching, stay on Broadway – rules of engagement. hit up Longboard Loft on tghe lower east side for more info. 132 Allen St, NYC

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