Spot the ambush kitty

Kili, our four-year-old female cat, isn’t about to let our new kitten, Ashbutt, ambush her from hiding.  However, Ashbutt is still small enough to fit underneath our couch, where Kili, being fully grown, can’t get at him to administer condign punishment for his kittenish impudence.

Kili finds this . . . frustrating.



  1. I learned a new word! I love learning new words…I sound like a character in a cheesy children's educational cartoon… But seriously, "condign" is an *awesome* new word to learn! *chortles happily* Oh, and that picture is adorable without context, *hilarious* and adorable *with* context. Oh how I love animals…particularly the domesticated kind because they're less likely to try eating me*.

    *domesticated goats *are* an exception to this rule of thumb… lol.

  2. The best part of having more than one cat is the interactions- and the total seeming randomness of it. Ours will go from grooming each other and relaxing to a full on fur-fight over nothing in seconds.

  3. Don't you mean "Kili finds this . . . FUR-strating."

    I'm here all night folks….Don't forget to tip the waitstaff…..

  4. I'd be thinking of setting the couch up on some wood blocks for a couple days. Just for the entertainment value, of course.

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