I’m in the process of sorting out a large number of boxes of possessions that I brought with me from Louisiana when I came to Tennessee to marry Miss D. and settle here.  I’ve not had to do so in the past because the house we share with a friend doesn’t have space for all our stuff, so it’s been stored in the garage.  However, our housemate will be getting married soon and will want his privacy, so Miss D. and I will be looking to rent somewhere else.

Regular readers will remember that back in 2008 I had a fire at my home in Louisiana, followed within a few weeks by further damage caused by Hurricane Gustav.  The upshot was that all my possessions had to be removed from my house so that it could be repaired and renovated (all courtesy of my insurance company, who were a bit taken aback to have two major damage claims submitted within a matter of a few weeks!  They paid up like gentlemen, though.)  As part of the process I boxed up a number of riflescopes and other goodies that I’d just bought, and the box was duly moved to storage along with the others.  Unfortunately I never saw it again.  I presumed it had been stolen by one of the hired help assisting with the move.

I’ve been planning to buy half a dozen riflescopes over the next few months to upgrade some of my long guns, and had begun to set aside money for the purpose.  Today, while emptying and moving boxes, I came across a big one that felt strangely heavy.  I opened it, and beneath a layer of papers and books I found a smaller box.  It was the one in which I’d packed those riflescopes back in 2008!  I can only assume that a mover decided to pack my stuff more efficiently than I had, and dropped the smaller box into the larger one.

However it got there, I’m delighted at my good fortune.  I now have the following brand-new scopes lined up next to my desk, ready to install:

According to the invoices in the box, I spent less than $400 in 2008 to buy them all at various sales and through special offers.  To replace them today would cost three to four times as much – I’ve just priced them all at Amazon.com.  Now I don’t need to, because they’re still new in their boxes and ready to go.

I think this evening I’m the living definition of a happy camper shooter . . .



  1. Done that a few times myself. Other day I cut open a box from the last move (back in 2005) found my signed copy of Corria's self-published edition of Monsters Hunters. Now if I could just figure out where the signed set of Col. Geo. Chin's books are…

  2. A most delightful discovery, to be sure. Enjoy.
    I am a bit bemused by trying to imagine the utility of a "1×32" shotgun scope. Placebo effect, perhaps?

  3. @Anonymous at 10:16 AM: There are locations where the use of magnified sights isn't permitted. A 1x scope gives the light-gathering advantages of a scope, plus a single sight plane, but stays within those regulations.

    It's also useful for training purposes, if you want to teach someone to transition between iron sights and scope, because the magnification (or lack thereof) is the same for both types of sight. One can move on to higher magnifications later.

  4. @lee: Most of them are manufactured outside the USA and then imported. Look at the weakening of the US dollar over that period, plus the strengthening of other currencies, plus inflation, and that's what you get.

  5. It's always enjoyable to find extra gear, I found a missing scope last month, it was in a box of magazines, don't know what I was thinking when I put it there. :p lol

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