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Kit Knightly, writing at Off-Guardian, pulls no punches in her analysis of our present reality, and its deliberate dumbing-down by the powers that be and their lackeys in the mainstream media and social media.

Biden’s “booming economy” is just another front in the media’s war on reality

People cannot afford gas or heat or food or rent. The price of everything is increasing even as wages lag behind inflation. Everywhere you shop you buy less and spend more.

If all of that can be translated into “booming”, then “the economy” itself becomes a nonsense concept so abstract and removed from real-life experience that it is either entirely fictional or completely irrelevant.

We just lived through a fake pandemic. We know we have rigged elections. “The economy” is apparently meaningless.

How much of what we see and hear in the mass media has any grounding in reality at all? We know it’s not 100%, and it could easily be as little as none.

Maybe we’re not headed toward an Orwellian dystopia, we’re already living in one. A world where reality is not refuted, it is simply not acknowledged to exist.

The only “truth” is the headlines, which report nothing but covert advertising for the status quo or pump out outrage porn designed to divide society along carefully constructed fault lines, and distract from the simple truth – everything is getting worse and they’re doing it on purpose.

No matter how they employ contrived statistics to convince the mass of people that everything is fine (even as they’re fired for not being vaccinated and have to choose between getting warm or getting fed) the truth is that almost everyone works more and has less. Worries more, enjoys less. Fears more, thinks less.

Economically, educationally, spiritually…we’re going backwards. And behind this decline is intent.

It’s not accidental, it’s not a by-product of “the system”, it’s not the inevitable fallout of capitalism – it is directed, deliberate and malign. They are trying to make you poor, they said so.

Fly less. Drive less. Shower less. No meat. No sugar. No alcohol. Rent don’t buy. Own nothing. Be happy.

They want you to suffer. They want you to be cold and hungry and not to mind, or even know.

They want you sitting in your rented one-room flat, shivering under fifty layers of rented clothes, sipping your rented cup of GMO-cabbage water, and nodding in approval because the rented television says the economy is doing well.

They want you arguing vociferously with your neighbors about things that never happened to people who do not exist.

They want you to live like a pauper and smile because you’re doing it for a good cause they made up.

They want you to “reject the evidence of your ears and eyes”, because making people believe a lie – especially an obvious, irrational, impossible lie – is the purest form of power and the ultimate form of control.

Orwell was right about that, as he was about so much else.

There’s more at the link.

That’s the way it is, folks.  Much of the rest of the world appears to be so far gone in mindless acceptance of this fraud that its citizens – with rights as well as responsibilities – have abandoned the former to become no more than subjects, with only the latter.  They’ve allowed themselves to be persuaded, co-opted, propagandized.

It’s up to us to decide whether we’re going to allow that to happen to us as well.

We submit, or we take our stand, knowing the possible consequences, but willing to fight for the rights and freedoms our Founding Fathers bequeathed us.  In my opinion, it’s worth it.  What say you?



  1. Old NFO posits a great answer, but avoids the fundamental question. When? Where is the last hill? What is the trigger? How much does it take? How far is "This far, and no further"?

  2. It needs to be a coordinated effort. If not, then we'll get picked off as we rise up. As for being ready, I was ready a long time ago. How much more retreating are we going to do? If we put our trust in politicians, the game is already lost. It's WE, THE PEOPLE!

  3. Coordinated efforts are almost certainly infiltrated by .gov agents / employees. See the Whitmer mess as an example, or the Mohammed Cartoon convention in Texas where the terrorists were stopped by a security guard, after being driven to scout the lication by an FBI agent / stringer.
    I think that resistance has already started, in the actions of many Americans rejecting the propaganda,and looking out for their own interests.
    The .gov and their owners will squeeze harder, repress harder, make more "examples" like the Jan 6 protesters, and will eventually force a preference cascade of individuals acting mostly alone, against related, but not common, enemies. I describe targets this way because there are so many malign actors that individual actions will necessarily vary.
    The .gov thinks that they want a "short, victorious, war" against the gun owners, the individualists, and the property owning Kulaks. They will continue to push until they get some real or false flag excuse for more use of naked Federal force in the suppression of the remaining free Americans.
    At a street level, I think that a cycle of outrage and reprisal is most likely, similar to the Kansas / Missouri Border war, before, during, and after our Civil War. This would likely start over asset confiscation efforts killing those whose property is being taken, and their relatives looking for evens, but attacking those they can find, rather than those directly responsible.
    Another level, later, and likely with different individual or small group actors, will be infrastructure and supply chain attacks, to cripple the cities, and force tge .gov to expend their forces and energies to try to keep control of those messes, relieving pressure on the rest of the country.
    Thirdly, in all of this, I would expect an effort by some of those who have made themselves aware of the skills needed to remove as many of those people who are the influencers, controllers, owners, and directors of the UniState as possible. These could be the very rich, the politically powerful, or those who act to control large and influential actors, such as the Boards of Directors of major foundations, "charities" and other NGOs.
    It will be a mess, here and worldwide, and the butchers' bill will be horrendous. Think, purchade, and act locally, and never forget the principles that make us Americans, as we will need to ensure that those ideals survive as we do.
    Re read Peters' prep pieces, and those he has referenced. Things look to be getting spicy relatively soon. The US has little to no strategic food reserves, the possibility of short harvests due to weather and lack / cost of fertilizer, and world shortages of food due to war, export restrictions on food and fertilizer, and increasing world demand. This will come home to us this year, as it has never done before.
    John in Indy

  4. I've seen no paucity of either alcohol or cannabis. The prices have actually gone down on premium drink. Keep em stoned and stoopid…

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