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Received via e-mail, origin unknown:

I couldn’t have put it better myself . . .

“Panic buying” is distinctly different from buying what one needs to be prepared for a given period.  “Prepping” means working out meal plans, deciding what one needs for the number of people involved over the period concerned, and then buying those things according to a pre-planned shopping list.  That’s good, and healthy, and I’ve done it for years.  “Panic buying” is dashing into the store and buying anything and everything that one decides, on the spur of the moment, might be useful.

Miss D. and I haven’t bought a single toilet roll or a single roll of paper towels since this pandemic began.  We already had enough for the next two to three months, as we’ve had for years.  In due course, we’ll buy more here and there as stock is available, to keep our supplies at a reasonable level:  but we see no need to have TP out the wazoo (you should pardon the expression) for the next year or more.  There are others who need it, too, so let them have it.  As for food, we already had all the basics we needed to make simple meals for two to three months.  I simply bought more fresh food (meat, vegetables, etc.) and some additional cans of soup, etc. to give us more variety.  I also replenished our stocks of useful over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and personal hygiene products.  I did all that weeks ago, when the coronavirus pandemic was still a glimmer on the horizon, because I’ve been in this situation before under other circumstances, and knew what to expect.  As a result, we’ve completely avoided all the fuss and bother of overrun supermarkets.  So have most of our friends, who’ve long done as we did and made sure their reserves are enough to cover most short- to medium-term emergencies.

(As for guns and ammo, the collective members of the North Texas Writers, Shooters and Pilots Association can probably equip the equivalent of an Army or Marine platoon with a long gun and handgun apiece, plus a basic military loadout of ammunition for each person [including magazines], and still have enough left for our own use.  No panic buying here!)

Those who are bulk-buying toilet paper and the like are doing everybody a disservice.  We make all that we need, right here on this continent.  We won’t run out.  Relax!



  1. We collectively need to boycott Chinese goods and we need labeling so we know what is made in China. Big RED bright, neon labels.

  2. I simply don't understand the TP panic. What's wrong with cutting up newspapers when you've the news, chuckled at the funnies, and done any interesting puzzles? That's what Brits and Europeans got used to doing during and after WW2.

  3. Ma used to think it was funny how people thought the Sears catalog was in the outhouse for reading material!

  4. For one thing, I haven't taken a newspaper in years. For anther, it would be counter-productive. I wouldn't want to soil myself by wiping my backside with what they call news these days.

  5. Costco has announced that it won’t accept returns on TP, hand sanitizer or other “panic” products. Good for them. There were people here buying TP by the pallet full.

    If you’re broke because you were a selfish ass and have now lost your job, I find it hard to muster sympathy for you.

  6. I have done no panic buying. We did buy several months worth of toilet paper back at the end of February. We bought a little more food than average (about a month). One thing I did stock up on are my supplements and other compounds. I continue to buy this stuff on a regular basis. I think the panic buying is silly.

  7. In normal times, when the stock of TP gets to a 1 month level, I look for sales. Then buy two 12 packs of Scott 1000 sheet rolls. We live in earthquake country. When the Calaveras fault knocks down every overpass on 680 and 101 around San Jose, getting supplies will be challenging for a while.
    It is almost impossible to have too much of some supplies. TP is one. It is a sign of civilization. The other for me is Kleenex. With allergies, it is an essential. So I am glad vultures have focused on TP, not Kleenex.

    A couple goes through about 200 rolls of TP in a year. So 2,000 rolls would only be a 10 year supply. It would be used. Even if you died, someone would find it useful. So this "panic" buying may just be people realizing how much they took TP for granted.

  8. Most of us have only a social media account with Facebook, and/or Next Door to get anything like a message out to the public. I've posted this:

    Redemption for TP hoarders.
    If you are one of the panic buyers who is now sitting on dozens of large packs of TP please know you're gonna' get nothing but hate if you try to profiteer from this massive inconvenience. Is a few extra bucks worth the condemnation of everyone around you?
    Here's what you can do. Go to the parking lot of the nearest school, and sell your stash at 50% of what you paid for it. Better yet give it away to those who can't easily get out and stand in line for three hours before sunrise. You have a car. Offer to deliver.


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