The 2018 “Tuna Tossing World Championships”???

Yes, they’re a thing – in Port Lincoln, Australia, as part of the annual Tunarama festival.  The 2018 championships have just been held there.  The Telegraph reports:

Historically a fishing town, the idea grew from watching dock workers hurl fish from the decks of overflowing boats.

Dead fish were thrown in earlier editions of the event, first held in 1979, but the decision was made several years ago to toss rubber ones instead.

There’s more at the link.

Here’s some footage from last week’s competition.

I suppose the losers were weighed in the scales and found wanting . . .



  1. Is it just me, or is that a particularly small tuna at the beginning of the vid? ( I didn't watch it ) I would think that makes the competition akin to dwarf tossing or kitten juggling, which are perhaps the ultimates in offensiveness.

  2. Scoring based on distance only? Or are there "style points/technique and/or skill scoring" involved as well?

    It's also safe to imagine that there are separate age and gender classifications involved, yes?…

    How can we go about getting this nominated as the next "Tryout/Demonstration" International Event for the next Summer Olympics?

    Also – how long, do you think, before this gets worked-up into yet another "Reality TeeVee" series presentation?…

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