The COVID-19 lies are falling apart before our eyes


There’s been so much lying, scare-mongering and general propaganda surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic that it’s very hard to get to the truth – or, rather, it’s been hard until recently.  Inevitably, lies are exposed and liars are found out.  That’s happening in an ever-growing cascade right now.  In this post, I’m going to put together a few things to illustrate that point.

To begin with, let’s take the massive propaganda campaign against the use of Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19.  You’ve doubtless seen the jokes, memes and official scorn about people treating the disease with “sheep medicine” or “deworming medicine”, and claims that Ivermectin can’t possibly be of any use against the pandemic.  (The Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, with a population of well over 200 million, would beg to differ – and that’s just one of many success stories.)

To begin with, Ivermectin was developed to deal with parasite infestations, including river blindness (endemic in Africa), scabies, parasitic elephantiasis (also common in parts of Africa), and so on.  It was developed for human use, and later applied to animal use as well.  So successful was it that, as Wikipedia points out:

William Campbell and Satoshi Ōmura won the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for its discovery and applications. The medication is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines, and is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as an antiparasitic agent.

A Nobel Prize for its discovery?  Designated by the top medical and health organization in the entire world as an “essential medicine”?  Doesn’t that sound like just a little bit more than “sheep medicine” or “worm medicine”?  It should!  In Africa, where Ivermectin is available over-the-counter in most countries, it’s regarded as a miracle medication.  Nothing else has been so effective in reducing river blindness and other parasite-related infections.  Similarly, hydroxychoroquine is a commonly used prophylactic medication against malaria, which is endemic in Africa.  I used to take hydroxy on a daily basis for months at a time while I was in malaria-infested areas.  Like Ivermectin, it was an over-the-counter medicine that cost pennies per tablet.  It still is, in Africa.

(Ever wondered why African nations are reporting COVID-19 infections at a rate 4-5 times lower than other parts of the world?  I suspect it’s because so many Africans are already taking Ivermectin and/or hydroxychloroquine to treat other medical issues that COVID-19 finds the continent a hostile environment.  It can’t get established, because so many people are already taking medications that inhibit it.  That’s my theory, anyway.)

Note, too, the propaganda scare tactics about Ivermectin “poisoning” that have been appearing across US news media.  The Desert Review has an excellent article on the subject.  Here’s an excerpt.  Bold, underlined text is my emphasis.

The lesson is not about Ivermectin being poisonous because it isn’t, but about the pervasiveness of a type of new internet propaganda termed “informational flooding.”

. . .

Are you kidding me? Nine telephone calls are enough to make the news? We have 2,213 deaths on August 26 from COVID-19, but these nine telephone calls are enough to make the headlines?

We have a media blackout on how India used cheap Ivermectin to obliterate the Delta variant while we struggle unsuccessfully to sell the public on problematic yet profitable vaccines.

. . .

Suddenly we see hundreds of articles on so-called “Ivermectin poisoning.” Indeed, we see more ARTICLES published than there were TELEPHONE CALLS in August on Ivermectin to poison control centers in the ENTIRE NATION.

. . .

Rolling Stone Magazine published an interview with an Oklahoma osteopathic physician, Dr. Jason McElyea, who claimed that Northeastern Hospital System’s emergency departments were overrun with so many Ivermectin overdoses that gunshot victims were having difficulty getting treatment. Dr. McElyea stated,

“The ERs are so backed up that gunshots victims were having a hard time getting to facilities where they can get definitive care and be treated.”

Multiple networks repeated the story, and it went viral … But the report turned out to be false.

Rolling Stone was forced to publish a retraction of sorts, a correction to their report, wherein they stated the truth of the matter was the opposite … . Northeastern Hospital System Sequoyah informed them that Dr. Jason McElyea, although affiliated with them, had not worked in the Sallisaw location in the last two months.

Furthermore, in a statement issued September 5, 2021, Northeastern Hospital System Sequoyah reported that no patients had been treated for Ivermectin overdose. Indeed no patients were treated for any complications of taking Ivermectin – and no gunshot wound patients or otherwise had been turned away from seeking emergency care.

It was all untrue. We were all lied to.

There’s more at the link.

Please note, I’m not denying that COVID-19 is real, or that it’s a health risk.  It’s both.  I’ve so far had two bouts with COVID-19, and neither was fun . . . but I had medication (including both Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine) to deal with it, and they worked as advertised, and I recovered without needing hospitalization or advanced care.  (That’s despite being in several high-risk brackets, including age, respiratory impairment, weight and others.)  I have both medications in my medicine cabinet right now, and I’ll use them again if I get another dose.  I have no doubts about their effectiveness.

However, I have HUGE doubts about the efficacy and safety of the vaccines on offer.  So does the FDA.  In a mammoth eight-hour virtual meeting last week, the agency analyzed data about the vaccines’ effect on patients, and came to some truly horrifying conclusions.  Aesop has listened to the recording of the meeting (which you’ll find here), and highlights these points.

This was an FDA livestream of an open virtual meeting their own officials and medical professionals, along with multiple other outside parties, from yesterday. This is a US Government-sponsored meeting:

“Herd immunity using the vaccine is impossible.” 4:15:00ff

“The vaccine caused 71x more heart attacks in the vaccinated than any other vaccine.” 4:20:00ff

“…vaccines, boosters, and mandates are all nonsensical.” 4:21:00

“We killed two people to save one life.” 4:21:30

“[The number of deaths per million doses administered – 411:1M] translates into about 150,000 people have died (from receiving the vaccine in just the U.S.).” 4:21:50ff

“The real numbers confirm that we kill more than we save.” 4:22:00ff

“In the most optimistic study (for 90-year-olds) it means 50% of the vaccinated died, and 0% of the unvaccinated died.” 4:22:20

Most of that was from the presentation of Steve Kirsch, Exec. Director of COVID Early Treatment Fund.

This guy is throwing hand grenades out with the pins pulled, every 5 seconds, the kind of headlines that would get a newsreader from BFEgypt a featured position at 60 Minutes.

Presenter after presenter beat the vaxx pimps over and over about the dearth of proper testing protocols, and utter lack of actual scientific data for any of the claims to date made by them and TPTB.

The entire meeting left the reservation, and stayed there.

There’s more at the link, and in the recording of the eight-hour-long discussion.

Let’s repeat Aesop’s emphasis.  That was an official US government meeting, of an official US government agency, considering official US government statistics about the effectiveness (or otherwise) of COVID-19 vaccines.  Their conclusions were – to put it mildly – catastrophic.

In a comment to a follow-up post, Aesop notes:

At the linked section in the previous post, one of the presenters noted the ratio of deaths to vaccinations was 411:1M.

He goes on to state that would equate to 150K dead from the vaccines.

The US has done 383.5M vaccinations. X 411 = 157,618 deaths.

. . .

And yes, the VAERS reports tally 15K deaths.

And multiple statisticians have pointed out that probably only 1 adverse event in 10 is reported, even deaths.

Which gets us right back to 150K deaths.

What’s breathtaking is that there is absolutely NO interest or curiosity in investigating to nail the number down: not officially, not journalistically, not medically.

No one wants to look, because they’re afraid of what they might find. Or worse, they already know.

53 vaccine deaths in the ‘1970s got the Swine Flu vaccine pulled forever.

15,000, or 150,000 deaths now, and no one even wants to look.

This isn’t simple bureaucratic inertia or laziness, it’s studied indifference to reality.

But it explains why Israel’s COVID deaths spiked concurrently with vaccinations, and why ours peaked starting last December, just as we were beginning to vaccinate people here.

You can only look the other way from Mt. Everest for so long, before it becomes too big to not notice.

Carl Bussjaeger highlights another scary figure from that FDA meeting.

Myocarditis affected 1 in 1,000 who took the vaccine.

1 in 1,000

Myocarditis in itself can be lethal. It can lead to cardiomyopathy which is deadly. According to a retired RN, the only “cure” is a heart transplant. According to MDs, the five-year morbidity rate for cardiomyopathy is 66% to 77%.

One in a thousand. In the United States. Globally, the annual myocarditis incidence rate is 1.5 in 100,000. The pseudo-vaxxed are 100 times more likely to experience this than the non-vaxxed.

. . .

I finally found the number of Pfizer doses administered.

218,872,070, as of September 16, 2021. The good slightly less worse news is that isn’t 218,872,070 individuals; mostly that appears to be people who got both jabs. But it’s a minimum of 109,436,035 individuals who got at least one (fairly close to my earlier guesstimate). We’re still looking at the potential need for 10,000 more transplant hearts.

I think we’re gonna need Nivenesque organ banks, stocked with serial speeding ticket offenders.

Again, more at the link.  Since I suffer from a form of cardiomyopathy myself, and am much more intimately familiar with the disease than I’d prefer, I can confirm his comments about its dangers.

I’m sure China, which presented us – one way or another – with the COVID-19 virus in the first place, will be delighted to sell us the human hearts we need to transplant into those ten thousand-odd patients.  After all, they have a long tradition of harvesting organs from executed prisoners to sell to Westerners desperate for replacements . . . and they have all those millions of Uighurs in “re-education camps”, just waiting to be exploited.

Another data point:  when the vaccines were tested, there was a vaccinated group of volunteers, and a “control group” who were injected with something innocuous (usually saline solution) rather than the vaccine.  The idea was (as always in such medical studies) to compare one group against the other to assess the efficacy of the vaccines, not just short-term, but long-term as well.  However, the control group were later offered the vaccine, thus wiping out any possibility of testing the vaccine against a known factor.

Dr. Steven Goodman, a clinical trials specialist at Stanford University, says losing those control groups makes it more difficult to answer some important questions about COVID-19 vaccines.

“We don’t know how long protections lasts,” he says. “We don’t know efficacy against variants — for which we definitely need a good control arm — and we also don’t know if there are any differences in any of these parameters by age or race or infirmity.”

More at the link.

To sum up:  I don’t think we should have any faith in official propaganda pressuring us to be vaccinated against COVID-19, or accept “booster shots”.  I think the growing body of evidence outlined above suggests very strongly that the risk of adverse side-effects is far greater than official pronouncements will admit.  Yes, the vaccines may provide benefits to a great many people . . . but how do you know that you won’t be one of the many people to suffer an adverse reaction?  If the odds of such a reaction were very low – as they are with most other vaccinations – then I think most of us would accept them as worthwhile.  When they’re as high as the FDA has just admitted . . . not so much.

I emphasize that none of the evidence provided above is “conspiracy theory” crackpot nonsense.  It comes from the FDA and reputable medical and other sources.

Do your own research (follow the links above for a good start), draw your own conclusions, make up your own mind, and proceed accordingly.



  1. One note on Africa — saying nothing about whether Ivermectin, etc. work or not — is that low African COVID rates are likely due to poor health reporting or perhaps the overall younger age of the population. Too many people take COVID statistics as gospel when they are actually gathered by a host of organizations using widely varying criteria.

    And a note about things being from the FDA — I didn't dig into all the links but the first one from Aesop is an FDA hearing. The various testimony isn't official FDA policy, it's individual people or organizations reporting their opinions.

    We should also be careful about correlations. The quote from Aesop suggests US COVID deaths spiked starting last December due to the vaccine. Yet in December relatively few people had gotten the vaccine. Up until March the vaccine was primarily given to the elderly and health care workers. The vast majority of vaccinations were given from March through June when deaths were at low level after a decline. If the vaccine causes excess COVID deaths they should show up during this time period. Plus US COVID deaths started rising in November, well before widespread vaccinations.

    It's poorly reasoned speculation of this sort (the vaccine started at the high point of COVID deaths, maybe the vaccine caused them) which makes it easy to discount legitimate concerns about the vaccines as more anti-vax conspiracy theories.

  2. During the Vietnam war, the US Army had all soldiers who were in country take pills to prevent malaria. The Platoon Medic, referred to as "HOTEL", came around every morning handing out a "little white pill" that soldiers called the "daily-daily," and once a week he handed out a big orange pill.

    That weekly orange pill contained chloroquine phosphate, 500 mg (equivalent to 300 mg of chloroquine).

    Chloroquine has been used in the US for decades.

  3. I do want to point out that Aesop's article was misleading about myocarditis. Myocarditis CAN lead to cardiomyopathy, and yes the only cure for it is a transplant. However, the vast majority of people with myocarditis do not develop cardiomyopathy.

  4. I want to point out that I posted nothing whatsoever about myocarditis, in any way, shape, or form, which a cursory perusal of it would confirm.

  5. @Thomas W:
    The various persons presenting at that meeting were posting something a wee bit more authoritative than their "opinions". Nice try, but no.

    I didn't suggest the spike in deaths was due to the vaccine in December.
    I suggested we started vaccinating in December, and the increase in deaths peaking over the next two months corresponded to the increase in vaccinations.
    I would love to see a graph showing vaccinations and deaths, week by week, for the US, from then to now.
    One presented for Israel was a pair of parallel upward-moving lines in tandem.

    I didn't poorly reason that the vaccinations started at the peak of deaths; I stated outright that vaccinations started weeks before the peak, and both increased apace.
    Whether correlation equates to causation is exactly the point under question.
    The total dearth of any curiosity, at any level, about resolving that question is the whole problem.

  6. The ivermectin being used by some of these crazies in the misguided belief that it cures covid is in LARGE ANIMAL dosages – that's why they are experiencing poisoning episodes. Just because you got covid and took ivermectin and recovered is NOT proof ivermectin did ANYTHING becaue MOST people who contract covid recover or don't even know they have it. Why do you contrarians want to doubt everybody in authority who is trying to save your dumbasses? I suspect oppositional authority syndrome on a mass scale or simply mass hysteria. GOT THE SHOT, idiot.

  7. Interesting. I'm 67 and have not had the shots. And will not. My military shot records (International Vaccine Certificates) record over 60 vaccinations, for travel to and from various areas of the world.

    I have experienced a "flu attack" 3 times. Once approximately 3 weeks BEFORE the COVID frenzy began in the news, again about a8 months ago, and again 5 weeks ago. Each event lasted 3 – 5 days and left me tired but not any more disabled than my GI adventures had already done.

    Was it COVID? Probably it was what is called COVID, but I have yet to see a real validated not pushed by some agency with a financial inventive test that has differentiated "COVID" from any of the other viruses of the same family. It is strange how the Flu has, according to official CDC stats, almost completely disappeared. It's almost as if it surrendered to the medical community's need for a new annual vaccination to keep the dollars flowing.

    Regardless, I will not seek out the "vaccine" that is not actually a vaccine. The CDC's very specific docuemtns are available for those who know how to search its' website, and very specifically state that it is not a vaccine.

    The CDC also makes it clear – for those who look, that the so-called approval being touted is for a completely different treatment which has not even been developed yet, and that the COVID shot is still under an Experimental Authorization. As such, those who are injured by the "vaccine" have no recourse and cannot sue for reparations.

    But I'm preaching to those who already know this, and to those whose wold view is predicated on absolute belief that the COVID mRNA experiment is going to save us all.

  8. RichandMary apparently didn't get the memo that the "poisoning episodes" were Leftard hoaxes that never happened.

    It's funny to watch the spambots tripping over each other's nonsense.

  9. Regarding Ivermectin (sold commonly as Ivermec and other trade names) – I raise horses that, as adults, weigh about 1200 lbs. Ivermectin is sold at the Farmers' Co-op as both an injectible and as a paste. It's purpose is primarily to kill parasitic worms and other types of parasites (such a boring fly larvae and ear mites).

    The injectible liquid can be, and often is, used as a pour-on. Cattle breeders hang things that look like door draft inhibitors across doorways and paths that the cattle routinely use. The ivermectin rubs onto the cattle's backs and enters the blood stream like any other topical treatment. The pour on can also be put on an animal's food. Horse breeders mostly use the paste which comes in a tube marked by pounds so that you can be sure to give the animal ENOUGH medication. For young horses, in particular, who are so seriously susceptible to worm infestations (and consequently death), many vets recommend dosing the whole tube regardless of the weight of the animal if it's about six months old or older. Ergo, your animal may weight, say 500 lbs, but be dosed for 1200.

    Ivermectin is so safe that it would take a huge quantity to cause a problem. The biggest issue is that it comes in many flavors – cinnamon apple, for example. It tastes nasty. Most of my horses dont like it, so I buy the unflavored when I can. People would have an issue with it, Im sure.

    That said, ivermectin is VERY dangerous to certain breeds of dogs, such as collies, Border Collies, some lines of Russian Borzoi, etc. It causes heart and neurological problems that often lead to coma and death. Have no idea why and I have no intention of testing theories; I just dont give it to my Border Collies. Ever. If you, Dear Reader, are a collie, I strongly suggest that you not take Ivermectin if you get Covid.

    Peter, you mentioned that you have ivermectin in your medicine chest and that you have successfully and safely used it. Was it cinnamon apple or the liquid from a vet supplier. Im taking a wild guess that your human physician did not give you an Rx. Comments?

  10. Regarding safety: Ivermectin is known to be dangerous to some humans, in particular those with low blood pressure, not that low blood pressure is exactly a common problem. Also, I've heard that it's very much not for use on cats.

    And it's funny how posts such as this one attract comments from Jabby McJabface (under whatever name) informing us that the vaccine is absolutely perfectly safe for everyone and that anyone who doesn't unquestioningly submit is a moron. It's almost like there's a bot (or NPC?) army out there spreading the Gospel of The Insidious Doctor Flu Manchu.

  11. @Virginia Granny: I use the apple-flavored gel. You're right, it doesn't taste nice; but if you spread it on a cracker, and top that with your favorite jam or jelly, you can't taste it, and it still works just fine. I use the horse weight measuring ring, adjusting it to fit my own body weight, and have had no problems whatsoever.

    As for hydroxychloroquine, I've managed to get a couple of prescriptions for it. Having used it in Africa for years is a good reason to give a doctor. It may not be freely available everywhere, but if you have an understanding doctor, things can be done.

    The frustrating thing is how much the drugs cost in the USA. In Africa and India, they're literally pennies per prescription – as common as dirt, and just as cheap. (They're OTC in many parts of Africa – no prescription needed.) Over here – not so much.

  12. My wife and I both got COVID about 5 weeks ago. We followed the FLCCC protocol with Ivermectin, zinc, vitamin C & D3, melatonin, and were back to normal within 2 weeks. The Ivermectin we got is the injectable form, which we draw out with a syringe and squirt in a little orange juice. Now we have natural immunity and will never submit to any COVID vax! I had my eyes opened about the truth of unneeded vaccinations about 20 years ago when I got to watch a cat slowly die due to "vaccine-induced sarcoma." It was a well-proven feline leukemia vaccine, not like this crap our government is pushing, and it directly killed him. My research back then horrified me at how often even GOOD vaccines kill the subject!

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