The crud, she is not nice!

Just got up from my third session of sleep today.  My body can handle a work period of about 4-6 hours, then it just collapses on me.  I’m still running a low-grade fever, with severely blocked sinuses, but so far nothing’s spread to my chest.  I guess I should be grateful for that!

Oh, well . . . at least I’ll be able to get in several hours of writing on my second novel in the small hours of this morning;  then it’s heigh-ho to wake up Miss D. for her workday, and I go back to bed.  I’m sure she’ll say something rude about that!



  1. I'm half through the book, and finding it extremely hard to put down (as I found out when I gave it to a friend to peruse while I did an errand and couldn't get it back for hours 🙂

    I hope you feel better soon. Something like that was going through work, not fun but most people were through it in a couple of days.

  2. Fresh air and sunshine(vit.C and D)
    …and if that doesn't work,12 year old Scotch until you forget you're under the weather
    (39F and 24th hour of rain, it's Scotch and no aches and pains)

  3. Peter,
    for the blocked sinuses, you might try using a WaterPik. Warm water (not hot!), and a bit of non-iodized salt. Use distilled water, or similar. Tap water can sometimes be a bit rough.

    The tip that has a bend works ok for this. If you are getting it down your throat, you missed the angle where the sinus starts.

    If it feels like you are pressurizing your face, back off a bit on distance and/or spray pressure. Two possible problems here: Tissue swollen around the passage constricting it, or it is too small to begin with, or a combo. Sometimes helps to spray a bit, and then let it sit/drain for a half minute.

    Might have to flush a couple/three times a day when it's really bad. Use as little pressure as you can that gets things loose. You will probably get some blood spots from the infection.

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