The dangerous side of Thanksgiving

The police are going to be working hard this holiday weekend while the rest of us are celebrating with our families.  In particular, they’re going to be deluged with drunk drivers who’ve celebrated too often and too well.  This puts the police at risk as well as everyone else on the roads.  Just look at this video clip, filmed last month, of a police officer dealing with one drunk driver – when a second drunk driver gets his attention the hard way.

If he’d been standing on the other side of the car, he’d be dead right now . . .

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, friends, but please don’t drink and drive;  and please say a prayer for those who have to deal with people who do.  You might want to thank them for their hard work, too.



  1. I have little patience with public drunkenness. Most drunks think they can drive, then want to fight when you suggest they call a cab or let you, their sober friend, give them a ride home.

  2. A Colorado State Trooper was killed while investigating an accident on the interstate, by an alleged drunk driver (according to the news it's still "alleged" which tells me they're waiting for blood test results,) recently.

    I, for one, am getting pretty tired of hearing final calls going out over the radio.

  3. And here I thought you were referring to: 1) arguments over meat color ("Dark meat!" "white meat!") 2) stuffing vs. dressing, 3) the brazen hussy of an aunt-in-law who dared to tinker with g-g-g-grandma's pie recipe ("It was too bland. All I did was add a pinch of allspice and a teaspoon of cinnamon!"), and 4) people who try to fry still-frozen turkeys.

    But yes, one should not imbibe and drive, especially not if the weather is bad.


  4. I'm still amazed that the typical cop will stand on the drivers side of the car when handling a traffic stop. Not that the passenger side is a 100% safe, but it makes sense for most stops.

    Most drunks are caught at night, but there were times I would roll up behind a CHP unit at 6-7am, and find that it was a DUI. They were typically going to work, or coming home from work, drunk.

    So, just because the sun is up, doesn't mean the drunks aren't!

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