The expanding role of Big Data

We’ve talked a lot about Big Brother’s intrusion into our privacy, and seen that commercial ‘surveillance’ of our everyday activities is just as intrusive.

I was therefore intrigued to come across a 47-minute video presentation by Martin Fowler and Rebecca Parsons on ‘The Evolving Panorama of Data‘.  It’s pretty technical stuff, oriented towards programmers and data analysts, so unless you’re interested in that sort of thing it’s probably more geeky than you want to watch.  Nevertheless, from the perspective of a former computer software technician, and one interested in personal privacy and data security, it’s a fascinating look at how business use of our data is evolving.  It makes it clear why so much information about us is being linked in altogether new ways to produce insights into our motivation, behavior and other aspects of our personality that might shock us with their depth and accuracy.

All in all, it’s worthwhile viewing if you’re prepared to invest three-quarters of an hour of your time in an arcane and sometimes almost impenetrable subject.  Click over there and see for yourself.


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