Of criminals – and their enabling families

I came across a news report about two burglars who tried to cut open a big safe using a welding torch.  The safe contained a large quantity of commercial fireworks, which exploded, killing both men.

What infuriated me was not so much their criminal conduct – which reaped the reward it deserved – but the reported reaction of at least one family member.

Kent Keeler, a cousin of Ethan Keeler struggled for answers on Wednesday.

Keeler says family members are wondering why Ethan would have put himself in that situation.

“I think he just didn’t know who he was yet,” said Kent Keeler. “I feel like he was trying to find out where he belongs.”

Keeler noted that his cousin was always put family first.

“He stood up for me in high school when people would pick on me,” said Keeler. “He put family over everything.”

There’s more at the link.

I don’t know about who he was, but I think he’d demonstrated precisely what he was – a criminal.  As for ‘trying to find out where he belongs’, clearly it wasn’t on someone else’s property, stealing their stuff . . . but you’ll look in vain for any acknowledgement of that fact from his relative.

Why do family members of criminals always seem to make excuses for them, instead of admitting straight out that they were crooks and asked for what they got?  All that does is encourage ongoing criminal behavior by others who are motivated by their (bad) example.



  1. As Jay would say, play stupid games, win stupid prizes… *snort*

    Talk about an earth-shattering KABOOM!

    I will say this: one of the news stories about the Boston Marathon bombing included a (brief) interview with the perps' uncle. Unlike most of the family, this guy actually has a job and, IIRC, owns his own business. When asked why his nephews would do such a thing, he succinctly replied "Because they're losers."

    *shrug* Seems as apt as any other explanation I came across, and good on him for being so honest.

    That attitude's pretty rare, though.

  2. Perhaps its to avoid legal ramifications?

    I am reaching, but am I? Lawsuits name more and more people in them in hopes that it sticks to one.

  3. I think PalmCityGirl may be on to something. The family feigns ignorance of the criminal activities of one of their members to avoid further scrutiny.

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