The latest development in the Tor boycott

Vox Day has asked his supporters to send physical letters to Tor and its parent company, Macmillan, over and above the e-mails that were sent last week.  You’ll find the details over at his blog.

He wants Irene Gallo fired or forced to resign from Tor.  I haven’t gone that far:  in fact, I’ve specifically stated on more than one occasion that I’m not calling for anyone’s resignation or dismissal.  I stated:

“… please be advised that I look for the following actions from Tor … :

  1. Tor should publicly apologize for the efforts by all, repeat, all of the persons I named … to demonize, denigrate, slander and lie about the ‘Puppies’ campaigns;
  2. Tor should publicly reprimand those individuals for stepping over the line (including misusing company time and computer equipment to do so);
  3. Tor should publicly indicate that it is putting in place policies to prevent any recurrence of such issues.

Please note that I am not demanding the dismissal of, or resignations by, the individuals concerned.”

I’d be very grateful if those of my readers who support my position would please send letters requesting the above to the addressees Vox has listed on his blog.  That’ll add the weight of our numbers, and our more moderate requests, to those supporting his position.  The SJW’s are lumping all of us together, whether we agree with that or not – they’re equal-opportunity blamers – so why not use our combined strength in numbers?

Thanks in advance for your help.



  1. Found this blog through VP.

    Just a thought. I have negotiated on political levels before, and the one thing one does not do, is adopt a moderate stance, especially with ideological hardliners.

    It does not actually leave any room to negotiate, plus, you undermine the hardcore that are on your side. The Mac-Torlings will simply identify you as "reasonable, as opposed to the loonies" and will you use as a wedge to deligitimize and disqualify the Rabids, while eventually whittling away your "demands" to something to take under advisement.

    I understand your appeal to reasonable discourse, but those you want to discourse with are NOT reasonable.

    Culture wars are wars of survival. Ask the American natives.

  2. Got my letters ready for tomorrow's mail. I'm not calling for anyone's firing, but I do focus on how their actions have damaged the company's reputation with both customers and authors. Frankly, it would be very difficult to claim that the SJWs' continued presence won't continue to drag down the company's bottom line & reputation.

    All things being equal, I wouldn't be surprised if the SJW leaders are cut loose by the end of the year. Waiting until December could (1) give the higher ups enough time to amass a fair amount of evidence about how the SJWs' actions have harmed the company's brand and bottom line, (2) and make any staff changes look like part of a larger reorg (and not a response to SP/RP pressure).

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