The Maxwell Saga is coming to audio books as well!

I’m very happy to announce that my first military science fiction series, the Maxwell Saga, which has so far reached five books (with more to come), is going to be available in audio book format.  The first in the series, ‘Take The Star Road‘, is now published, and the others will follow over the course of this year.

Castalia House will be producing the audio books, and also new print editions that will be more professionally set up and laid out than my own efforts.  I’m very grateful to them for taking on this workload.  They’ve been pretty successful in selling a large proportion of their ‘stable’ of authors in print and audio formats, as well as e-books, so I’m hopeful this will grow my fan base even more.

May I take this opportunity to ask you, if you’ve read one or more of my books, to please leave a review on their Amazon pages?  Reviews are the breath of life to independent authors such as myself.  They let prospective readers know what to expect, and Amazon uses them to determine whether a book is popular enough to merit ‘pushing’ it to other consumers in its own marketing efforts.  I could really use your help in that regard.

Thanks again, and thanks for all your support.  I’ll do my best to keep you entertained with more books in future!



  1. Two reviews done, several referrals to other S/F readers sent out – you're next on my reading-list for more of the series, bought last year, but I'll be catching-up pretty soon! Keep 'em coming – it's all good!

    J. S. Bridges
    Wilmington, NC

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