The perils (and funny side) of police dogs

Courtesy of a link over at Bacon, Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives, I was led to a Reddit thread that began with this YouTube video of a police dog taking down a bad guy.

The champion comment in the thread that followed was this one.  It’s profanity-laced, so I’m not going to reproduce it here, but Miss D. and I were laughing aloud as we finished reading it.  Very funny indeed, and recommended reading.

To add to the fun, a later commenter said:

I have a friend who breeds and trains police dogs, and she breeds belgian malinois along with shepherds. You’re right. They’re like a smaller, faster shepherd on pcp. Always a lot of good stories from the department’s who had her dogs. Most of the dogs don’t have any canine teeth because repeatedly biting the Kevlar arm sleeve during training leads to them breaking, so one of the departments that bought a dog from her had a veterinary orthodontist create stainless steel implant canines for their dog. That was the baddest ass dog I’ve ever seen in my life.

Not to be outdone, another respondent actually linked to this image of a dog with metal canines:

Uh . . . yeah.  If I saw a mouth like that in hot pursuit of me, I’d want something very large and powerful in my hands.  A shotgun full loaded with half a dozen bear slugs should suffice . . . maybe?



  1. Holy Toledo, that dentition looks like the last thing you see before buying the farm in an Aliens movie.

  2. If readers want to refer to police officers by rude names, I'd be grateful if they would please do so on their own blogs. Sure, there are bad cops; there are also good ones, and I believe the latter far outnumber the former. I'm not prepared to see this blog used as a platform to condemn all of them.

  3. "Profanity laced"? LOL, sort of an understatement, but the description was hilarious.

    Thanks! Made my day.

  4. Having been on the pointy end of a Malinois (using a bite sleeve and coat), I can tell you they have quite the bite! I'm no little guy by any standard and that pup almost took me down on the 1st hit and put quite the squeeze on my forearm!

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